Sunday, June 1, 2014

Getting up with the chickens

Daylight breaks awfully early these days. I try to get outside before 
Wynonna and the chickens wake up, but sometimes I'm late.

Edith has no patience for slackers.

If she gets up before I do, 
she flies to the top of the fence and waits for her breakfast.

Edith: You're late. Don't let it happen again.

She could hop down into Wynonna's stall but seems to know better.

Edith poses with her alter ego.

Edith: She could just open that flap door and let me out, but noooooo...
She'd rather see me attempt to leap off this tall building so she can get a picture for her blog.

There's a reason Edith is anxious to get into the yard. I'll save that part of the story for tomorrow.


  1. Someone's little chicken face is just peeking through in the bottom photo, looks like Edith isn't the only one anxious to get through.


  2. Looks like she's adjusted.

  3. I still can't believe we designed that and thanks to your wiring skills, still looks good. Even better with Edith in the picture. Love their little personalities...ooh what's in the yard!?

  4. How many eggs do you get per week now from your feathered friends?

    BA SP

  5. Minnie and Peach produce at total of 8 or 9 per week. The new girls won't start laying for a few months.

  6. A common saying in my world ... "Oh My Chicken!" (Comes from my long-ago Bible school days when we weren't allowed to say bad words, and it just sorta stuck) Love your chicken stories!!

  7. cant wait to know what is going to happen... thriller chickens!

  8. by the way, the colour of Edith feathers seem to suck the surrounding colours, so she looks quite blue to me!

  9. Did Jonny CC bring her a present?

  10. An American in Tokyo6/1/14, 6:28 PM

    Ooooo! Not fair, not fair! Keeping us in suspense... =P

  11. I LOVE the photo of Edith with the sculpture! Don't you worry about flying predators getting to your hens? I'm worried about everything....*sigh* I guess that's the fate of a new mother hen.