Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday encore ~ The wrong side of 50/50

There was a 50/50 chance of rain here yesterday! Whoo-hoo! Pop the champagne! 
Lucy and I rode extra early in the day to beat the storm. I moved hay and did all the other chores 
that would be made difficult by the impending mud. Then we waited.

Just before dinnertime, the skies began to darken.

The wind picked up.

The clouds could not have looked more promising. I got everyone fed, 
then Smooch and I retired to the sunroom rainroom to watch the show.

Smooch: Sure looks like it's going to rain.

Me: It's just a matter of time!

Smooch: Sure smells like it's going to rain.

Me: If there were a perfume called Eau de Rain, I would wear it.

Smooch: The rain is so close, I can almost taste it!

Smooch: Mom, why isn't it raining?

Smooch: I'm getting kinda bored here.

Smooch: The rain passed us by again, didn't it?


  1. Beautiful photos of Smooch; looks like he has his own bed!

  2. That picture of your paint horse ~ gorgeous .
    I love the Smooch faces ~ he is very expressive ! lol

  3. Aww Smooch, you look comfy...and I would be curled up right next to you. Love those stormy clouds!

  4. You perfectly captured the feelings of a Desert Rat, waiting for the rain to come. I covet that cow doll.

  5. WHo is posting in this machine ? Linda is supposed to be off for a long deserved weekend? Johnny did you push the button?

  6. We got a good soaking inch or so this weekend in Oklahoma! YAY!!! Sorry it missed you.