Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday encore ~ Art is in the eye of the beholder

Here's a post from Memorial Day weekend 2012:

Is it weird to spend a three-day weekend rearranging bones? Please don't answer that.

My houseguest and I moved our funky chicken sculpture from the front porch to the front of the chicken coop 
and painstakingly installed it with bits of baling wire.

I told Minnie that she might be the first chicken ever to have her own sculpture garden, but she has no appreciation for fine art.

Perhaps she was fearful that our next piece would be made from chicken bones.

Anyway, the picture above was the inspiration for the weekend art project. 
It is part of a collection of bone art by photographer Francois Robert. I saw the picture awhile back and was fascinated by it ... 
until I learned it was made from human bones, then I was totally creeped out.
Nonetheless, I thought I might try something similar with my cow bone collection. 

The chicken coop wall was the canvas for our second sculpture.
I spray-painted it purple to provide a strong contrast with the sun-bleached bones.

This is one small section in the bottom right of the installation. It's one of my favorite parts.
Any idea what it might be?

Don't worry. Clara and Peach can't figure it out either.

This is a portion from the middle of the piece. 
We were going for a balanced, symmetrical look.
Still no clue?

Maybe this will help give you the idea.'s in the eye of the beholder. Or in this case, the orbital socket.


  1. Lots and lots of bones bleached by the sun. DIY artwork. Well done!
    BA SP

  2. I love this one. So very clever of you and Ethel. Happy Sunday LC

  3. Way Cool! Both of them.... and love the purple background too! Thanks for re-posting cuz either I didn't see it the first time or forgot..... Always enjoy all your posts! Even if sometimes I forget....

  4. Somehow I missed these the first time around. I am compelled to comment: love these!!!!!

  5. Better late than never! It looks so good and was so much fun making