Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday encore ~ The unbearable cuteness of burros

A repeat post on a Friday? "WTF?" you ask. Ok, maybe not in those exact words.
I'm going to take the long weekend off. I'll be back Tuesday with something new. I think. Maybe.
Meanwhile, I'll re-post some moldy oldies so you won't think I've died. 


It was 5:30 Tuesday morning. I had just let Smooch outside and was standing in my office brushing my teeth, 
looking out the window to make sure everybody was present and accounted for. I saw four long ears behind a bush. 
The ears were so close together that they appeared to be coming out of the same head. I wasn't sure what was going on, 
but the scene had "photo op" written all over it. I put down the toothbrush, grabbed the camera, and tiptoed into the corral.

George: Zzzzzzzzz.

George: Are you kidding me?

George: Sun's not even up and she's already taking pictures.

Alan: I haven't combed my hair yet. Neither have you, I might add. Nice outfit *snort*.

Alan: I'll get up now, but that coffee had better be ready.

Alan: You have no idea how heavy his head is.

George: Please don't move. I was just getting comfortable.

Wynonna: *grunt grunt grunt *
Alan: How can you sleep through that racket? The pig's not shutting up 'til she gets fed.

George: I hate it when you're right.

George: Five more minutes, then I'll get up.


  1. Enjoy your long weekend. I hope the weather is nice and that you get lots of photos.

    BA SP

  2. so happy you reposted. I LOVE IT

  3. Well, I do love these pictures but I don't know how I'll relax this long weekend while anticipating the Tuesday post…….
    Have a wonderful weekend yourself though!

  4. I really want to reach thru the computer monitor and give George a belly scratching eh!

  5. I feel like George this morning. zzzzzzzzz
    Have a great weekend. I hope it's fun and bloggable. Although, if it isn't bloggable, than I know you REALLY had fun!

  6. Theresa said exactly what I was thinking. Do donkeys like belly rubs?

  7. I hope you're doing something really good with your extra days.

  8. Please enjoy the long weekend and thank you for sharing these adorable pictures! :)

  9. Cute! Enjoy the weather and the long weekend. I love this re-post.

  10. I love them! This totally made my day.

  11. Hope you and yours have a super weekend. xoxo Oma Linda

  12. what! a four-day WE!!! how are we going to survive?

  13. Love it. I hear voices in my head when I read your dialogue. I could never come up with great dialogue like you do. Thanks for being willing to post while you're on your mini-vacation. I remember too well what happened the last time you didn't post, didn't tweet. Enjoy your time off. Are your barn swallows back? I hope so. It's about time for babies.