Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday encore ~ A dusty dose of Hank

This post is from exactly one year ago. Mercifully, the pasture is in much better shape this year.


When I focus on Hank and how handsome he looks in the New Mexico twilight, 
I can almost take my mind off how dry the pasture is...

...and how it hasn't rained or snowed since the end of February.

It's got to rain eventually, doesn't it?

I will choose to look at the bright side.

Dust is easier to remove than mud.

There's no danger of the tires getting sucked off the truck the next time I go to town.

I don't have to worry about Hank slipping and falling on the dust.

And these pictures wouldn't have been nearly as nice had it been raining.


  1. Hank you make dust beautiful.. just like you

  2. Your camera must take awfully quick shots. Love the one of Hank perfectly balanced on the centre of his back!

  3. I remember how bad it was...they would always be waiting at the barn for their hay. The dust was everywhere...your teeth, hair, eyeballs... But it sure was purty

  4. what a gorgeous boy! when I think that horses only eat hay and become so strong and powerful, I am even more convinced that I dont need meat

  5. I don't think it matters if it's dust or mud Hank is just a handsome guy no matter what he coats himself in. I love that horse.