Thursday, May 22, 2014

Of legal age

Today is Wynonna's eighteenth birthday. I brought her home when she was 8 weeks old. 
We have spent all 18 years together, which gives her seniority here at the ranch. 
 (Hank is 20 but I didn't get him until he was 8.) 
How long do potbellied pigs live, you ask? 
According to the Guinness Book of World Records,  
the oldest pig ever is now 22. The average life span is 12 to 15.

What would a birthday celebration be without special treats?
I tried to lure her into the house with a trail of dog biscuits,
but she wasn't tempted. Then I brought out the bacon poppers.

As luck would have it, the first one landed right under her snout.

She looked at it with one eye...

...then she looked at it with the other eye...

...then she finally gobbled it up. 

I wonder if she was having an internal debate between cannibalism and bacon? 
In any case, bacon won. 

Johnny: Why wasn't I invited to the party?

She never did come all the way into the house. 
Perhaps she was holding out for cake and ice cream.
Maybe next year. 


  1. I never quite understood your bond with Wynona but 18 years with anybody is something to behold. Plus I'm not acquainted with pigs, other than this Churchill quote: " i like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Only pigs treat us as equals." Happy birthday W!

  2. Happy Birthday, Wynonna. Life is good when it is all about treats. I know you'll

    have a wonderful birthday at the ranch today. BA SP

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Wynonna eh ;) maybe in 4 years you will be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to the Porcine Princess!!

  5. Life is good for the Princess on the 7MSN ranch. Longevity proves it. Happy Birthday, Your Highness.

  6. Happy Bday Wynona! I thought I read they lived a lot longer...glad to hear 20 because I was fearing I would have my pig for another 40 years LOL

  7. Happy Birthday Wynona!!!

    Wendy in Thailand

  8. Happy Birthday Ms. Wynonna and congratulations to you LC. Gosh 18 years, that is a wonderfully long life thus far. I have only one pet that I have had longer than that. Pig, my oldest turtle. I've had him for 35 years. A neighbor found him and gave him to Shelley when she was in elementary school. It's always a treat to see him every spring.

  9. Happy Birthday, Wynonna! That is a very good age for a pbp - and I'm betting it is due to the great care and love you receive at 7MSN. And I can't blame you for not going into the house for anything less than cake and icecream - or strawberries and ice cream - or licorice allsorts (my pigs LOVED licorice allsorts on their birthdays) or at least something sweet. Bacon puffs were just the appetizer.

  10. Wow .. that's amazing.
    What a great life she has had with you.

  11. Happy Birthday, Wynonna!! You deserve to be the princess. I didn't realize she was past the life expectancy for piggies. That is because of the great care she gets. Way to go!

  12. Age is only a number, right Wynonna? In any case, she carries it well. Big hug!

  13. Happy Birthday, to Wynonna! I hope she breaks the record.

  14. Happy birthday Wynonna. You're looking pretty good for an elderly lady.

  15. Happy Birthday Big Girl! and many more years

  16. Hmmmm, bacon again. I seem to remember I brought some Bacon Flavored Salmon Yummy Chummies for Smooch and we shared them with Miss Wy . . . and she loved them. Go figure. Anyway, give her a scratch from Steve and Joey.

  17. An American in Tokyo5/22/14, 6:30 PM

    Wishing you many more birthdays to come!

    Interesting how she didn't want to come into the house. Is she wary of places she doesn't know?

    1. She used to come in the house all the time where I used to live, so I'm not sure what the deal is with her now. Maybe she's afraid of slipping on the hard surface? The other house had carpeting. She's very particular.

  18. Happy Birthday, Wynonna, the Porcine Princess!! Now you can legally have a frothy Boar's Head Red with your evening meal :-)

  19. Happy Belated Birthday, Wynonna! You don't look a day over 10!

  20. Happy Happy birthday sweet Wynonna!!!!

  21. I hope she breaks a new record. Happy Birthday Wynonna.