Monday, April 28, 2014

When pig treats fly

When I saw a commercial for these Beggin' Party Poppers bacon-flavored dog treats, 
I knew I would have to buy some for myself Smooch,

 not because we like bacon-flavored treats but because, as the instructions tell us:
1) Put treat on nose
2) Push in ... wait for it...
3) Watch it POP!
4) Take pictures and have a blog post.
The jar of treats was a little pricey, but I succumbed to Purina's marketing tactics because it's refillable.

 I sliced some treats in half so we'd have twice as much fun.

Smooch wasn't sure what she was getting herself into, 
but by then the room and my hands smelled like bacon so it had to be good.

 So I placed a treat on the nose, pushed down, and we waited.

 There's no telling how long it will take to pop off...

... or in which direction it will go.

This one disappeared on the window seat before Smooch knew what happened, 

 but she got the hang of the whole game after a few more tries.

 It was a toss-up as to who was having more fun:
Smooch trying to catch the treats in the air...

 ...or me trying to catch the treats in the camera.

 We'll both be doing a lot of practicing.

Maybe next time you see the pink pig, it will be popping carrots to Lucy and the boys.


  1. what a fun post... laughing out loud NOW.... love the shot with Smooch tongue out.... looks like a blast to me and can't wait to see what Lucy and the boys do with this..

  2. It takes a smart animal to watch the trajectory of the food! Tried it with Johnny Cash Cat?

  3. What a hoot! :)
    I wonder what Johnny would think of this new activity?
    Run away .... or POUNCE!

    M in NC

  4. Haven't seen these over here yet, but I know a labrador who would love it! (And being so greedy, would probably learn to catch within moments!)

  5. Great fun. They should have snacks in packs like these for humans too. Or maybe not.

    BA SP

  6. omgosh!!!!! laughing out loud!! saw that on tv and looked at my snoring 14 yr old dog and thought "no way!" glad you did! :)

  7. Haha! I see hours of fun with that! Been waiting on the unveiling of your new toy :-)

  8. Did you try the treats in the shooter before you cut them in half? Maybe they need the extra weight!

  9. Funny! Don't tell Wynonna about this...

  10. You did a great job explaining the whole pig process. I did not know how it worked; didnt realize it was all up to the pig snout and when it would "release" the snack. I cannot wait to see the carrot process....that should be hysterical. My wiener dog is practically blind, so the pig snout would not work for her.

  11. Thanks for a great laugh! Smooch is such a trooper, wondering why mom doesn't simply toss the treats but has to now rely on a launching pig snout. Ha, as Carolynn said earlier, don't tell Wynonna about this... JohnnyC might like it or run, but I think my little black cat would have fun with it. Purina test kitchens must be a RIOT!!!

  12. My dog is excellent at this but if you can get a donkey to catch carrots on the fly, you can hit the rodeo circuit and become a millionaire! LOL Smooch will have the hang of it in no time.

  13. I'd love to see Johnny try this too.

  14. how exciting! we are all imagining the trick on all your animals!

  15. I for one want my girl Wynonna to try this. After all...PIG treats? I think yes.

  16. This inspired me to buy the treats at Safeway today. I told the cashier about Smooch and the treats and your idea to try this with Lucy and the boys and she just laughed and shook her head. My dog loves the Beggin Poppers but have to watch out about not giving her too many or they will turn into beggin poopers...

  17. I agree with Reamus - Wynonna says that toy is clearly meant for her (though with something other than *bacon* flavoured treats!).

  18. An American in Tokyo4/29/14, 6:35 PM

    I love the first pictures of Smooch! She looks so apprehensive about the whole pink pig thing! Ha ha!

    Can't wait to see the flying carrots! Video, please!