Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The wind has been blowing relentlessly since Saturday. Being outside isn't any fun at all. 

I can hide in the house, but Lucy et al have to tough it out.

Maybe I'm reading too much into their eyes, but I think they're all asking me to make it stop.
If only I could.

They have plenty of places to take shelter from the wind, but there's no escaping the sound of it.

By yesterday, they were exhausted from the noise.
I looked out the window and saw all four of them squeezed into the same pen taking a nap.

Lucy propped herself up against the fence, waiting for a vacancy on the ground.

Smooch tried to keep the outdoor cushions from blowing away.


  1. Your animals are so very well cared for, it's lovely to see. And your blue skies are amazing!

  2. Love the shot of the Barn Bed and Breakfast...so sweet... and they are so smart. they were in the sun and sheltered from the wind by the barn...

  3. So all your soil is now in the next county over?
    I get kind of twitchy after 3 days straight of high winds. The sound really does begin to get to me.
    I try to imagine (while I'm in the house) that it sounds like the ocean. It takes the edge off for me.

  4. It's been crazy windy here, too. I like the sound when I'm drifting off to sleep - but it grates on my nerves the rest of the day. I don't blame your critters for being done with it!
    I adored your Hank Tail Anemometer! Priceless!

  5. Poor darlings....the wind has been something else. Smooch is such a goodie to hold onto the cushions. Jameson and Ellie Mae are scared to death of the things that the wind has rearranged. Potty breaks for them are kinda loony tunes right now. hehehehehehe

  6. Smooch you doing a very good job at keeping those cushion secure eh!

  7. I can completely relate. We have horrible winds here 90% of the time. Even my dog doesn't like going outside in it and I don't blame her.

  8. Oh boy, I can't stand the wind. Hope it ends soon.

  9. They are so beautiful/handsome!

    We have had windiness here too the last couple of days. There's something about the wind that is a bit irritating. Breezes are ok and welcomed, but wind that tries to blow you over? Boo and hiss.

  10. We have had wind in the 40 mph zone most of last week and some of this too. My yard looks like its growing shingles. This is gonna get expensive and Stella doesn't want out no matter WHAT.. So we all stay in. I love Lucy's patience waiting for a spot on the ground in their little shelter.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat