Monday, March 17, 2014

The mighty hunter is a scaredy cat

 The mighty hunter emerges for a rare morning expedition.

 He spots his prey in the grass.

 He gets ever closer, only to realize it is the paparazzi, not a tasty lizard.

 Then he realizes he is too far from base camp and may become prey himself, so he runs back home.

 Unlike another barn cat who we all knew and loved, Johnny rarely prowls around in the pasture,

 and for that I am eternally grateful.


  1. Last night, the foxes were yipping up a Springtime storm. I am grateful that JCC knows his safe place. Daytime hunters can't be underestimated. Spring means babies and hunting is more desperate than ever.

  2. We are all grateful too.

  3. Stay close to the big guys JCC. The coyotes won't come near them.

  4. Oh my goodness yes, we are all grateful for his caution. Stay on alert mighty scaredy one. All kinds of bigger and mightier beasts out there in the wilds. No use taking any chances. That JCC has always known a good thing when he experienced it. Smart cat.

  5. He seems quite happy with the boundaries of his domain. Like he knows he was meant to be a part of the 7MSN family all along.

  6. I agree with Oma Linda - that caution is keeping 'our' handsome and sweet JC cat safe!

  7. That first shot makes him look like a big cat out on the savannah!
    And in that second picture, if you zoom in on him, I think he is actually saying "wtf is she doing now?" Just sayin'
    He sure is gorgeous and I am glad he stays close.

  8. ouf! wise, not a fool. the more you picture him, the more beautiful he becomes. long Johnny.
    but ever so slim!

  9. We are all very glad that JCC is a Scaredy Cat and patrols close to the buildings! Unlike some people, he knows where to set boundaries...see previous post about Wynonna!!