Tuesday, March 18, 2014

60 minutes

What a difference an hour makes.

60 little minutes is all it takes to change the daily routine around here completely.

All those disparaging remarks I made last week about daylight saving time? 
I take them back...now that I'm used to getting up at the hour formerly known as five.

I'm taking full advantage of my extra hour of sunshine every day.

There's time to walk with the herd to the back 40 after supper...

...and administer butt scratches while we wait for everyone to catch up.

Hank is about to lead all of us through the gate...

...and down the path, where the best pictures are still to come. I'll save those for tomorrow.


  1. I love the extra hour as well. One day it will be warm and the light will last until 9pm. Oh, I am looking forward to that.

    The shadows in your pics are very long and very interesting. There is something about sunrise and sunset that add to

    pictures. BA SP

  2. it just amazes me that they walk the same path every time and follow each other...

  3. Such wide open space and so many happy campers :) That extra hour becomes something special after the initial shocks.

  4. I think it takes all of us a bit of time to get used to the new time, but like you, I am enjoying some extra outside time. I just love the photos of Hank being in charge of herd movement. It's soothing. Oma Linda

  5. Oh ... good old butt scratches! A favourite around here too! I've begun to sit on my fancy schmancy milk carton stool in the paddock after dinner. Then each of my four come one at a time for their full body rub and butt scratches galore. I always find it funny how they patiently watch for the next opening. It reminds me of ladies sitting in a hair salon! ;)

  6. Bliss. You must pinch yourself on a daily basis. :o)

  7. indeed, what a beautiful and peaceful hour!

  8. I would imagine Wynonna is the least appreciative of the time change, as she loves her breakfast and dinner.

  9. daylight saving time has made your legs quite longer! now you are beating me!