Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blinded by the light

Spring has sprung, the wind is howling, and there's no place I'd rather escape from the blowing dirt than the sunroom. 
But my first-world problem is the sunroom is too bright in which to do some of my favorite things, 
e.g. reading, computing and streaming videos.

So I finally purchased a set of blinds for the window next to my perch. 

I had been postponing this activity for months, dreading the installation which would involve drilling into stucco, 
making a mess, not having the right stuff to complete the job, several trips to town, etc.

When all was said and done, the installation wasn't too terribly awful ... until I was packing up the trash
and found this big extra piece still in the box. Apparently it's a decorative element to cover up the brackets.
Oh well. Next time you're in my house, feel free to make fun of the exposed brackets because 
I'm not taking the whole damned heavy thing down to snap it in place. Unless, that is, you'd like to help.

For all the moral support she provides, Smooch isn't all that helpful when I need an extra pair of hands,

though she does make a handy stand for the tablet, which I can now see when the blinds are drawn.


  1. i am waiting with bated breathe until you find those blinds coated with thick greasy dust that will not wipe off and then you have to take them down and put them in soapy water... when you put them back up you can add that trim.... we have them in 5 windows.... can you tell i have been there done that? but i do love them. they are great when open and do the job intended...

  2. Oh, decorative schmecorative. Stay minimalist. No hidden place for dust to collect.
    Should it not blow all away when you open the door.

  3. My dog makes an excellent stand for my tablet also!

  4. I have a LOT of windows in my house, and the same problem with glare. I installed mini blinds throughout. Not that fond of their appearance but nothing can beat them for controlling the light, and also allowing you to see out.

  5. Your green floor looks SO inviting in that sunshine! You really did a beautiful job on that room. Makes me want to crawl right into the picture to have a lay down and a long read on your couch!

  6. I mean really have you seen the nicely manucured paws of Smooch? how can you imagine she would
    risk breaking a nail in this kind of bricolage!

  7. long time I had not seen your floor, that green is wonderful

  8. Smooch says she has a very specific skill set. Helping install mini-blinds, not included. She does make a great tablet stand though. We have battered mini-blinds in two front windows that need to be replaced. One window is six feet wide, maybe more. Leaning toward the wider, plantation style blades this time for some reason. Just a change? No longer possible to block sun from visitor's eyes without blind falling out and causing possible injury. Other half said just don't let anybody in. Not really a solution,.

  9. I agree with the others, that green floor is beautiful.

  10. Wonder what JCC will think of the new blinds? You know how they love putting their pretty paws through them to look outside.

  11. Not the treaded left over parts????? Sweet Man always has those. We have a collection in the garage called, "Oops". Nobody's grading you on your DIY so (making a raspberry sound) pffftttttz. Good job Smooch.