Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leaves of grass

Seeing this much grass in the springtime is highly unusual. 
Granted, it's dead and left over from last summer, but still... 

It's a nice change of pace from the usual barren, brown desert we're all accustomed to this time of year,
and it's the reason the herd heads to the back 40. There's always more grass out there, dead or alive, 
because there are fewer water-sucking juniper trees.

I love taking pictures at grass level. When I snapped this one, I thought an elephant was coming toward me.
Turns out it was only George. Please don't tell him I compared him to an elephant. He's very sensitive.

The herd is munching on the dead grass to get to the itty bitty green sprouts that are growing at the base.

A wide variety of grasses grows out here,

blue grama, hairy grama, black grama, buffalograss, bluestem. I say if it's green, it's good... 

...unless it's locoweed, which I have yet to spot this year. You'll hear a cry for help if I do.

Watching the herd munch peacefully in the pasture, living as nature intended, 
is the reason I live in the middle of nowhere, and it makes my heart sing.

And so does this view of the night watchman, waiting for me in the doorway as I head home.


  1. He just needs to learn how to whistle! I am so grateful to see wide open spaces every day out West. Back East we are still trying to melt all of the ice pack. My fields are half melted, South sides are still white. The North sides have bed head from all that snow.

    The sun is smiling on us today.

  2. I'm envious of your grass diversity, truly what equids are meant to eat. I love your night watchman, mine do that too for me.

  3. That tiny little speck in the doorway blends in with the surrounding territory. There he is

    waiting patiently until you come home. Cats are like that. I just love them!

    BA SP

  4. It makes my heart sing, too. Beautiful day at 7MSN.

  5. Love to see them out in the grass ... very serene shots this morning!

  6. Your surroundings are extraordinary all by itself, then add the "beasties" at peace and it's perfection. Love all the photos but the last one is so dear. Waving hi to all at 7MSN, Oma Linda

  7. Ever since your "colic" I have checked in at 7MSN each morning before I even get up. Once you were relatively OK I realized that checking in with you before the day gets going is a wonderful way to wake up. Today is no exception. XO

  8. So much to love. I'll bet the herd is grateful to have some fresh greens in their diet again. They're doin' alright though, if those chubby bellies are any indication... ;o) I love that shot of Johnny in the doorway. I wouldn't have seen his tiny figure there if you hadn't pointed him out. Happy, happy.

  9. I think the sky is bluer where you are than here. Maybe it's the lack of pollution?
    Sweet JCC is always waiting on your love, even when you don't know it. :)

  10. These photos remind me to take a deep breath of Southwestern air that's arrived in Tennessee. I smile and give thanks that we have friends who live 7 Miles South of Nowhere and share it with us.

  11. I wonder if he enjoyed having the barn to himself for a little while? That's a really sweet picture of him in the doorway.

  12. What a lovely story to tell, and how well you told it.

  13. love the shape of your grass, like little brushes. Oh Johnny keeing an eye on you and waiting for you!
    how nice is this llittle cowboy!

  14. An American in Tokyo3/19/14, 6:11 PM

    I love that spring is finally coming!! =)

  15. Loved this post, and that view of your shed is different, I never realised you had that hill... mesa? behind it. Sorry I don't US terms for land. Everything lumpy here is a hill. :)

  16. I think I saw George disguised as a buffalo behind those grasses that look like hoop earnings :-) And what a fine photo of Johnny waiting for you, gazing out from the doorway...He is 7MSN now, and we are his blog-fans!!

  17. Great photos but the last is the best ;)