Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Does anybody really know what time it is?

It was Sunday morning, the first day of daylight saving time 2014.
I had no idea what time it was, nor will I for the next week.

We were all in the pasture watching the grass grow.

Alan: I know there are sprouts here somewhere.
George: Keep digging. We're bound to find them.

Lucy isn't as eager to work for food as are the boys, so she was chewing on cholla.

George: If you find something good, don't let her see it. She'll come over here and eat it all.

George: Damnit.

George: She's on her way over. Act like nothing's going on.

Lucy wasn't the least bit interested in their activities and walked straight over to me.

Lucy: Is it time for lunch yet?

I had to think about it for awhile. Lunch time is normally 11:30, and we sprang forward, and I don't wear a watch,
but the sun was almost directly overhead, so that must mean... I finally gave up and told her no.


  1. In the interest of time, mine and yours I refuse to climb up on my Soap Box about time changes... nuff said. i have to say that your donkey's have the most beautiful muzzles and i just love those whiskers... and their conversations always make me laugh.

  2. The boys are very smart to hide their stash of sprouts. :) I hope you gave Lucy a kiss on her sweet nose if you couldn't give her hay.

  3. My cats don't mind eating earlier, except when Mokey is feeling European:) Then he appears much much later in the evening. Gets to combine his supper with his insulin shot.

  4. You nailed it with those captions!!! Here in Arizona we don't change our clocks and it is soooo much nicer, exept when it comes to calling the family back in Ohio. So now there is a 3 hr. difference and that makes it more difficult to call at convenient times.

  5. I grew up in az so had no concept of daylight savings time, really. Then I moved to WY and had to get used to it. I never really did. But now I'm back in AZ, and yesterday morning in my lack of coffee stupor, was kind of freaking out because I didn't know for sure what time it was and if I was going to be late for work. Then I remembered...oh wait, I'm home again, and sat down and read my blogs until I was in fact, late for work!

  6. time is relative............and sometimes I don't much care for some of them either.
    great shots of the intensity of the longears.
    I always feel like I've had a mini vacay when I come and get some 7MSN time, thanks LC

  7. ♬♪♫ Does anybody really care... about time? ♬♪♫

    Around here breakfast just got earlier, so it's all good at the barn.

  8. I swear after I read your posts I truly believe that is what your herd was saying! ;) Hey - how do you get your pics to have a drop shadow? It looks great.

    1. I sort of remember the drop shadow being a setting in the template that I used.

  9. I am from Kansas and I hate losing an hour in spring but love getting an hour in the fall! Who decides if we follow DST? I swear it takes me a couple of months to get that hour back! I think your critters hate it to! They're going to be hungry for one hour longer til fall! That's a long time when your starving! Lol!
    Viola, Ks