Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mr. Sleepyhead

It was still Sunday, the first day of daylight savings time 2014. 
The falling back and losing an hour of sleep thing had thrown us all for a loop, and everyone needed a mid-morning nap.

Lucy, George and Alan took theirs in the woods.

Hank preferred to work on his tan and his sleep in the bright sunshine nearby.

I tip-toed over to Mr. Sleepyhead and plopped down next to him in the warm dirt.

What do horses dream of?

Tall grass? Shapely mares? Bunches of carrots?

Hank: Must you?
Me: Didn't mean to wake you...sorry!
Note to self: see if shutter silencer is available for camera.

It took but a moment for Hank to get right back to his dream. Whew. I was feeling pretty guilty.

Hank: How am I supposed to sleep when I know damned well that these pictures will end up on the internet?
What if she catches me with my mouth open? Or drooling?

Me: Quit your worrying. You look handsome no matter what you're doing.


  1. amen to the handsome part and that is one sweet face sleeping... Hank, you have no worries, your photos on the internet make us HAPPY.... wish i could watch you sleep... I watch our dogs and the thing is they sleep just like you.

  2. I loved those photos of Hank falling asleep. He must really love and trust you to stay in such a vulnerable spot with you clicking away.


  3. I think he dreams of free access to the hay barn and a watermelon patch all his own. And some of those special horse cookies...

  4. I love Hank. I'd say to tell him he's a very cool dude...but he already knows that.

  5. Sweet boy's dreaming about how lucky he is to have his Momma love him so much that she pesters him. He knows what it's like to be famous Handsome Hank to all his fans.

  6. I find it so interesting that Hank will lie down and sleep when the others aren't standing right there. Who is watching out for monsters?? :)

  7. Love that drowsy face. Give him a squeeze from me, will you? When he wakes up from his beauty nap, of course.

  8. He was in a fine dreamland which I think is a combo of what you suggested: A shapely mare standing in tall grass carrying a bunch of carrots in her mouth like a bouquet...and ALL for Hank :-) And I know about that silly shutter click that ruins lots of great sleepy time shots, right?!

  9. It amazes me that Hank will sleep in your presence. My horses never, ever stayed asleep when I was near. If they were down on the ground, they got up before I could get next to them. Up and looking for a hand-out ;-)

  10. love when Hank falls asleep on his nose! he looks so so sweet

  11. The third to the last picture of Hank just makes me want to give him a big hug. Or let him lick my hand, whichever would make him happier. :-)

  12. An American in Tokyo3/16/14, 6:36 PM

    I love the photos of Hank, sleeping or almost sleeping!! Soooooooooooooooo cute!!
    Please give him a big kiss from me. =)