Monday, March 10, 2014

The family gathers before dinner

 It was early Friday evening and the family was gathering in the corral. 
The animals were wishing I would feed them; I was wishing it would rain.

 The divas were busy judging each other. Lucy kept her comments about Wyonna's weight to herself, 
and Wynonna held her tongue about Lucy's whiskers. It was nice to see them being civil.

 Alan and Smooch were chasing each other up and down the fence. 
Alan was eager to demonstrate how tightly he could pin his ears together.

When the commotion settled down for awhile, I realized I had the beginnings of a full family portrait.
I saw Lucy, Wynonna, George, Smooch, Alan... now where were Johnny and Hank? I started walking backwards.

 Was that little blob over on the far left Johnny? I zoomed in.

 One more accounted for.  I zoomed back out.

I'd have to be quick – Johnny was about to jump over the fence and out of the frame.

 He saw that Smooch was keeping all the hooves busy and knew it was safe to wander over to me.

Me: I don't suppose you two could join the others over by the fence so we could get everybody in the picture?

Me: I didn't think so.

I never got the full family portrait and it never did rain. The odds of either happening any time soon remain slim.


  1. you almost did it,maybe next time. but who cares, if they are in one photo we would only get one, this way we got MORE... never ever get tired of looking at your babies.. ALL of them.....

  2. Your four-leggeds make me wish animals could talk for real. Their interactions confound me sometimes.
    LOVE the pic of the rain in the distance!! I know others probably wouldn't vote for it, but I think it's calendar worthy.

    1. I agree! It is beautiful. I also love the one of Lucy and the boys (with Wynona and Smooch) against the fence.

  3. Nice try. The shots you got were great.

  4. Love me all but it would be nice to see them decked out a la Olan Mills.

  5. Love the extra-large nostril flare in Alan's ear-pinning pic!

  6. Love the one of Wynonna and Lucy - great caption! You could probably photoshop all of the critters into one shot?

  7. Love the almost but no rain photo... I think the family photo minus Hank looked good....Hank, ( and I 'm sure he'll agree) should be photographed on his own :-)

  8. I was going to say the same thing .. photoshop him in.

  9. Funny to see Johnny rolling in the dirt in front of you as if he would be copying the burros! digging Smooch is entertaining the herd!