Monday, March 3, 2014


It was Sunday morning and we'd all just finished breakfast. It had rained overnight and I knew George and Alan 
would be feeling feisty, so I grabbed the camera and followed them into the pasture.

They were moving much faster than I, so I had to race to catch up, dodging cactus, 
retrieving a shoe that got stuck in the mud, and generally trying to stay upright.

Once I reached them, they did not disappoint. 

I was confident I'd have at least enough blog fodder for Monday.

Alan: He cut my nose and it's bleeding. Make him stop right now!

I was about to go in and break things up but something caught both of their attention and a truce was called...

...for about five seconds.

I was loving the light and the clouds hovering over the mountains in the background. 
The boys were cooperating fully as I angled here and there to capture their best expressions.

Me: Work it, boys, work it! 

Me: Howl like you're coyotes.

I was having so much fun watching them and taking pictures, it was sad to see them take off. 
It wasn't until I looked up from behind the lens as they ran away that I finally saw 
what I had been missing for the last 10 minutes.

That whole time I had been photographing George and Alan, 
a herd of pronghorns was sleeping in the pasture right next to us and I was too distracted to notice.

* slaps forehead *


  1. Well, I guess that shows how much the wildlife is accustomed to your paparazzi lifestyle!

  2. Farmer Barb beat me to it ... you stalk your donkeys so much , they hunker down/freeze and you won't even notice them.

    M in NC

  3. oh my i do hope you got photos of them to show us tomorrow.... i love the howling donkey shot.... and the one with the smirk on the face...

  4. Wow!! How close did they let you get before running off (the antelope, not the boys)? :)

  5. Silly girl! Isn't that always how it is?

  6. Wish someone had been there to photograph your headlong rush out to the pasture; that sounds just as entertaining!

  7. I was just going to say what Alison said. You paint a very vivid word picture though.....the real question is, "how in the heck did you make it back to the barn without one shoe? and when did that happen?
    There have been several times that we have taken a road trip down by Socorro and Joe spots the pronghorn and it takes me awhile to see them. They blend into the background so well. Go figure that Mother Nature would have arranged that bit, huh?
    Thanks for the joyous photos of the Boyz. Just love how they tussle and mess with each other.

  8. That's hilarious! I love that the antelope are so calm and relaxed in the presence of you and your herd. Animals know good people and the greatest compliment I believe one can receive is when wild animals carry on with their business in our presence.

  9. George's howling face reminds me of a camel :-). So many pronghorns, what a cool shot!

  10. They were inside the fence??
    I love how George's ears go flat back when he is really chasing Alan! I guess he is trying to be more aerodynamic!!

  11. Your place suddenly looks like a boulevard!

  12. Your countryside is stunning! ... and what an awesome surprise, to see these in your pasture... nothing quite like that around this neck o'the woods.