Sunday, March 2, 2014

Friday night in the middle of nowhere

It was Friday night. Smooch was in the backyard barking at coyotes and Johnny and I were curled up on the couch.
We were all exactly where we wanted to be.

Johnny was being particularly attentive and affectionate. I believe he sensed 
the PTSD (Purchasing Tires Stress Disorder) I had developed earlier in the day during a tortuous trip to town.
I hauled out my laptop to see what was going on in the world when this message arrived 
from dear friend and blog reader Oma Linda, who knows me too well:
"I don't know if you are familiar with the country artist Jerrod Niemann but he has a new song out titled 'Donkey'..."
I clicked on the link to give it a listen.

Johnny: Did he just rhyme donkey donkey with honky tonky?

Johnny: Why are you laughing so hard?
Me: It's not often you hear a song about a guy who puts his Chevy into a ditch 
and ends up riding his donkey to town.


  1. Johnny you get more handsome by the day.... what a gorgeous face. i don't do Itune and could not find Donkey on youtube, but is sounds good to me

  2. I am listening to it on his website.. a reall honky tonky donkey

  3. that's what my problem is, I purchased snow tires last year eh! ;p

  4. Hmmm, love the photos and the song that House of Cards ( my obsession ) you are watching?

    1. No - I've got Amazon Prime instead of Netflix, so I don't get House of Cards, darnit. Guess I'll have to switch.

  5. Carol in N. Colorado3/2/14, 8:30 AM

    Johnny Cat sure is a handsome looking boy! Guess I will have to go check out the donkey song.

  6. Johnny is one handsome cat. And Lucy doesn't want to walk all the way to town. She sent out telepathic messages :)

  7. When I get donkeys, they ARE going to wear bling that says "BADASS"! lol

  8. Good grief that cat gets more gorgeous every time you photograph him. And I love that soft eyed face. Everytime I see his sweet mug I see my Sunny Bunny staring back at me. It is so special.
    I'm glad I gave you some relief from PTSD and a giggle. Thought you'd get kick out of the "rhymes"?????

  9. Johnny is sure a changed cat. I remember the look in his eyes when you first brought him home. Hate and mistrust, that look is gone. As for tires, we like Cooper.

  10. Well now I've got that song stuck in my head. :)

  11. I love the way Johnny is listening to the song

  12. It's nice to have friends to know you and sense when it is time for a pick me up and know just the right pick me up to send!

  13. I looooooved singing the word "funky" in a way that rhymes with donkey and honkey tonkey!!