Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Interspecies herd dynamics

If you were with us yesterday, you know that I almost missed the pronghorns in the pasture 
because I was distracted while playing paparazzi. 

I could see one big buck and about a dozen of his girlfriends. 
George and Alan were still chasing each other nearby, which Buck must have sensed as a threat. 
He began moving his girls along...but they had different ideas. 

Pronghorn #1: That gray one is kind of cute.
Pronghorn #2: I've got my eye on that shy brown one with the unibrow.

Pronghorn #3: What's her deal? She's got two boyfriends all to herself and 12 of us have to share Buck? 
Pronghorn #4: And look at her! She's filthy. 

Pronghorn #5: She's got the strangest eating habits, too. I wonder what they see in her?

Lucy: I'm being dissed by a herd of jealous pronghorns.

Lucy: Now ask me if I care.

Pronghorn #6: She even has her own photographer. Maybe she's some kind of model.


  1. It must be awesome to see a herd like that.

  2. She is a model. A model of sweetness and wonder and love.

  3. and a model she is... i love her face... makes me smile every time i see it. and i have never seen these pronghorns not even on a blog.

  4. They talk....they TALK!!! I can't believe it's taken us this long to overhear a conversation!
    Funny stuff, too. :-).
    They should be invited to the next Cinco de Mayo event at the ranch - as long as they stop trash-talking sweet Lucy. :-) :-)

  5. I had to check the verb diss, Lucy is using such a slang vocabulary, I can't follow!

    1. Dis is slang for disrespect, either treating someone or talking about someone in a disrespectful manner.

    2. thank you Peg. because my Collins dictionary was no very explanatory

  6. Love all the wildlife pictures and the herd etc., but the snakes have to go...
    hate snakes....of all kinds...UGH!!
    Love from NC

  7. Beauty and personality plus.

  8. I'm hoping you just have an internet problem, otherwise, we will be sending someone out to check on you.