Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why did the barn cat cross the porch?

 To see if it was safe to come in the house.

 Every time Johnny comes inside, he first has to case the joint...

... to make sure Smooch isn't lurking somewhere.

 Johnny: Nope, not in here.

When he circles back to the office, I know he's ready to relax...

 ...and/or cause trouble.

 Johnny: Whatcha workin' on today?

 Johnny: What's with the duct tape? Can't we afford a new chair?

Johnny: See you later. Call me when it's time for dinner.


  1. I love Johnny's tail curl around the table leg! A little lifeline to safety if a Smooch jumps out at him!

  2. Does he like to watch cat movies on the computer?
    My life has been reduced to watching cat videos with a cat.
    Trouble is they don't have subtitles but my cat gets it.
    Retirement is wonderful after all.
    BA SP

  3. i love the way his tale drapes over the arm to the chair... he has such a beautiful face and i hope one day to see JC and Smooch
    loving each other.

  4. JCC is my type of visitor. comes, stays a short time and leaves. ;p

  5. He's so long. Must be part Mountain Lion. LOL

  6. JCC is such a kick in the pants. Who woulda thunk it. Wasn't he supposed to just be a barn cat? Not in his mind he wasn't. He just kept it a secret until he felt comfortable in being King of the house while the Queen is away. Oma Linda

  7. It looks like Smooch may have a deputy for ranch security.

  8. Ahhh, Johnny! From such humble beginnings comes forth a king!

  9. Johnny causing trouble? impossible, he is so well behaved.

  10. the red background suits him so well! love you sweet Johnny

  11. He is SO DARN CUTE!
    Cheryl Ann