Friday, February 21, 2014

Hank's rules of order

 Hank has a tendency to monopolize the discussion at all family meetings.

 He has strong opinions and will keep making his point...

 ...until everybody else backs off, albeit begrudgingly.

I suppose he's compensating for being outnumbered.

Hank: I move that we get a new sign. Do I hear a second?



  1. Well these has to be a CEO of a company. Hank has taken on the job. Now if he could just get 5 million a year in treats.
    BA SP

  2. Oh Hank, I love your little goatee...or is it a horsee.

  3. Hank: handsomest fellow in New Mexico. I've never been to New Mexico, but still..... Anybody disagree? (crickets) Exactly.

  4. Sweet Hank. Give him a scritch under that jaw for me.

  5. Good luck Hank. I kinda feel the same way round here. Grands 2, Oma 1. I may be bossy but they is the boss of me. Smooches dear Hank.

  6. Hank definitely needs a sign of his own " Paints Rule" ought to do it!

  7. I was thinking about Hank the other day and about how comfortable and safe I felt in his presence. I've always held a small thread of fear in check whenever I'm around horses and with Hank, I felt none of that. You can share that with him, if you like. :o)

    1. He will be very happy to hear this. He prides himself on his gentility.

  8. what a lovely smile in the last picture

  9. Hank may be outnumbered but he is not out-powered :)