Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Burros with a backdrop

I caught George and Alan acting out again. 
They performed as if standing on a stage. The scenic backdrop was so impressive, it almost looked fake.

This is what passes as live theater in the middle of nowhere.
Who needs Broadway?

The set designer deserves a Tony award.

 George can give quite an emotional performance...

 ...when Alan isn't stepping over his lines or his head.

 Sometimes it's hard to know if they're acting in a drama or a comedy.

 Me: Look this way, boys.

They're learning to take direction. 
Now if I could just teach them not to poop all over the stage...


  1. LOL ROFL about poopiing on the stage. they are amazing and i would buy tickets to this show

  2. Every actor needs a grand finale and I guess pooping on the stage is theirs eh ;p That view is just to much for words!!!.......

  3. Lively bunch you live with!

  4. The Burros Boyz are, as ever, such clowns. The backdrop is............eye poppingly beautiful.

  5. Next thing you know they'll have a list of demands that they want waiting for them in their dressing room.

  6. Reminds me that when we saw the Cirque du Soleil show Ka. The set design stole the show. Although George and Alan hold their own quite well :)

  7. George and Alan deserve an Oscar for best actors, and you for best director!

  8. Carol in N. Colorado2/19/14, 8:44 AM

    The backdrop is stunning. Alan has quite the unibrow going on his face. Is that part of the makeup for the performance? I never noticed he had one until today. Silly donkeys.

  9. Way better than Broadway!

  10. Just remember that The Black Stallion must also have left presents all over his stage, which just happened to be the beach! And he looked so stunning galloping full-out along the surf....Hank looks just as stunning, and in his younger days could have given that Arabian Prince a run for it!!
    You are an excellent cinematographer, director and stage hand...and we are your lucky, lucky audience :-)