Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Burros gone wild

Last February, the sunroom was being built. It was a wild and crazy time, as evidenced by the encore post below.


It was Tuesday morning. The stucco crew arrived to apply the color coat to the sunroom. 
I went outside to look for Lucy and the boys so that I could confine them to the corral and keep them out of the way, 
but they were nowhere in sight. With all the noise and commotion the crew was making, 
I figured the herd would steer clear of the area, so I went back to work and the crew got busy stuccoing.

What follows is a reenactment. Sadly, when all hell broke loose, I didn't have time to grab the camera.


Around 10:30, I noticed Hank come back to the barn. I knew Lucy and George and Alan would be close behind, 
so I went outside to put them up. Hank and Lucy obediently walked into the corral and I closed them in.
George and Alan looked at me, then they looked at the open gate to the front yard, 
then they looked at me, then they said "Par-ty!"

Into the front yard they ran.

George: I'm diggin' this music.
Alan: Wonder if he'll let us play with his pail?

I would have thought the flapping plastic covering the windows, the blaring boom box, 
and the strange man in a white suit would have scared them off, but no.

Mercifully, it was the chickens' shift in the front yard and not Wynonna's.
The thought of two galloping burros and one screaming pig in one small space is enough to make me
stop typing and go grab a glass of wine right this very minute.

I'm back now. Anyway, around and around and around George and Alan went. I'll swear I heard them laughing 
every time they passed me by. They knew damned well they were in forbidden territory and weren't about to let me halter them. 
Eventually I was able to herd them into the back yard, then into the corral. 

Meanwhile, the stucco guys kept on stuccoing and acted like it was no big deal to watch a crazy lady
trying to catch a couple of wild burros in her front yard for 20 minutes before they ran over the chickens.


  1. The stucco does look very nice eh! I hope the chickens did not get stomped upon.

  2. Just found your blog. Sounds like it will be fun to follow.

  3. No way George and Alan would let such an opportunity pass them by. Scamps!

  4. Ha Ha. Just like kids.


  5. You just may have been lucky not to end up with hoof and nose prints in the stucco. On the other hand....

  6. Linda, in case you still have snow, here is a good idea for Smooch when walking - see pictures 8 and 9 on today’s post of

  7. Your self-portrait....hah!