Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nobody puts Wynonna in a corner...

 ...although she will go there on her own occasionally.

The open-mouthed drooly face tells me she must be comfortable. The snoring was also a clue.

 Wynonna: You didn't just take a picture of me, did you?

 Me: Guilty.

 Wynonna: God will get you for that.

You don't see many action shots of Wynonna on this blog. She must be mad if she's kicking up dust.

 Wynonna: I'm going to confiscate that camera.

Wynonna: Hand over a cookie or I'll stick my snout in your lens.


  1. i just love this sweet piglet... looks like she was soaking up some sun rays

  2. Wynonna gets around remarkably well in spite of the fact that she has no eyes!

  3. I thought there must have been a cookie at the end of this sleep driven encounter. A pig wouldn't leave a nice sunny, snoozy spot for nothin'
    Great shot of the sweet girl. Looks like she has been nosin' around in the dirt.
    Happy Sunday. Oh and send up some sun too. BA SP

  4. aw but you looks so cute when your sleeping girlfriend ;)

  5. Wy looks like she was having a day at the spa. relaxing in the sun with her mud mask on.

  6. Every girl needs her beauty rest. But sometimes it's worth getting up for a snack. She's too cute.

  7. No girl wants to be photographed with a drooly face! :) I hope she got that cookie!

  8. Kicking up dust, Wynona! this coockie was not coming fast enough!

  9. Mom: Okay, smarty snout, spell 'confiscate' and you can have your cookie.
    Wynonna: Don't hate me because I have a larger vocabulary than you.
    Mom: (quietly) And a larger snout.
    Wynonna: WHAT???
    Mom: Nothing. Just eat your confection.
    Wynonna: I'll have two confections.
    Alan: Hey!! Who's got an infection???
    Wynonna: Big ears strikes again.

  10. Oh my...I was distracted by all the dirt in her mouth. I think she deserves a cookie, but then, I'm a softie that way.