Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday encore ~ George and Hank compete for your attention

I don't think I told you about the Christmas gift I received this year – it was the Best Present Ever. 
I went outside on Christmas day to feed the herd their dinner, but they weren't in the barn. I walked out into the pasture 
to look for them and heard Hank's hoofbeats before I saw him. He flew in from the back 40, tail waving and head held high. 
He came to an instant stop just yards from me, did a pirouette, then walked over to see if I had any treats in my pocket. 
Not bad for an old guy with a bad knee. 

The post below is from last January, on a day when Hank was in rare form.


George: Hank's not the only athlete around here. Watch me outrun him.

Hank: Your sprint can't top my pirouette.

Hank: I can spin circles around you.

George: I'm destined to live in that boy's shadow no matter what I do.

George: What??
Me: Go check on Hank and make sure he can get up from his roll.

George: Yo, bro'. Need a little help?

Hank: Nope. I'm good.

George: Alrighty. Now maybe everybody will focus their attention back on me.


  1. They are wonderful , amazing photos :)

  2. what a guy this Hank! powerful! you had a best present ever for your birthday too!

  3. love that dancing horse... sorry George..

  4. Hank: The gift that keeps on giving!

  5. Hank is a beautiful boy, as are all of your four-legged family!

    My hunch is -- Hank rules outside, and Smooch rules inside.

    Again, just a hunch.


  6. That is an awesome thing to see! I didn't know a horse could do something like that. And with the scenery behind, just breathtaking!

  7. Yeah, it's a wonderful feeling!
    Years ago, walking my old dog, another dog person we often met greeted me, did a double-take and then said, "You look happy - your dog must be feeling good today!"

    May Hank have many more such presents in store for you!