Sunday, January 5, 2014

George comes up empty

George: I know there's something good under here.

Alan: What do you suppose it is?

George: Hard to say at this point.

Me: You're wasting your time. There's nothing under there but dirt.

George was not convinced.

He kept trying...

…and finally tipped the tub,

only to discover it empty.

Then he turned around and backed up to the tub. I thought for sure he was going to poop in it,
but he give it a kick instead. I couldn't help but laugh.

Neither could Alan.


  1. you know i have never come to your blog that i don't laugh, smile or chuckle really loud... that final kick and hee haw is priceless

  2. Nor I... :D :))) <3 !!!

    George, expressing himself in no uncertain terms, but without resorting to "foul language": prize-worthy!

  3. Sorry for you , but that was empty :P

  4. this is a brilliant story! with all your posts you have enough stuff to make a book. do consider the idea because this book would make so many people happy considering the fact that you make us smile everyday for years.

  5. Love it (as did you and Alan)! Poor George, after all that effort. I think he deserves a treat for all that hard work! (And that last pic of Alan is priceless .. I might have to make that my new screensaver!)


  6. hahahahahahah! Sometimes I feel that way too when I leave the pantry...especially if I can't find any chocolate!

  7. You always bring out their personalities with the always amazes me how funny they are!
    (runs in your family) :-)

  8. Cute little story. I am still chuckling. We have a donkey named honkey---he is hilarious. MB

  9. I bet he at least went away with some self-satisfaction for getting it turned over : )

  10. hey boys! miss you guys.... great smile, Alan! and you keep trying, George... you never know when you will discover a treasure...

    have a good week everyone!

  11. Perfect response, George, simply perfect!


  12. hahah what a great personality that guy has!