Friday, January 3, 2014

George and Alan get their game on

I never know when George and Alan will break into one of their blogworthy play sessions,
so I usually wear my camera when I'm with them just in case.

I'm not sure what set them off this time. George picked a spot to roll, then Alan dropped and rolled in the same spot...

…then they both stood up and it was game on.

Despite how this may look, they never hurt each other.

One or the other may turn up with a chunk of hair missing, but they don't draw blood.

George has a 4-inch height advantage...

…but Alan compensates with his kangaroo haunches and ridiculous facial expressions,

which leave George awestruck and defenseless.


  1. they are playing just like our two dogs play, including the facial expressions and teeth they make noise when they play like this? as always I am leaving your blog with a big smile on my face

  2. Since we can't hear them, I mentally insert the sound effects from old martial arts action movies!

  3. Hilarious! What a couple of clowns you have. Great action shots.

  4. who needs a TV when you have those 2 for entertainment eh! ;)

  5. Mischief makers of the first order. Snow is gone I see. Great pics.

    Six degrees here this morning. A little snow cover to blanket everything.

  6. get attention, get attention! Alan seems in need if interaction

  7. Ha Alan's big nose holes, makes him even funnier!

  8. And I'm sure if Lucy is watching she's thinking "they are sooooo childish."

  9. How nice that you gave them your world to play in.

    Have a furry weekend,

  10. i shouldn't play favorites, but Alan is the most adorable to me!

  11. They look like they're celebrating spring! I see most of your snow is gone ... would you like us to send more down from Canada? I think we'll have extra come the weekend. ;)

  12. Carson,
    I do not know how you get any work done with those gorgeous and hilarious donks around. They are much better than any tv comedy.
    And they're in your back yard! Lucky you!
    Thanks for sharing..
    Deb in Viola

  13. Look! We can see the ground again! Spring is almost here...
    Love the expressions on the boys' faces :-)

  14. My first laugh of the day! LOVE the facial expressions!!!

  15. We call this "playing bitey face". I watch the dogs do this all the time, mine and those of friends and family. Didn't realize that donkeys like to play that game, too. Priceless!