Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Preparing for the princess' pedicure

Wynonna's annual pedicure and teeth cleaning is scheduled for this Friday. Oh joy. 
For those of you who may not have been around for last year's day of beauty, you can believe me when I say 
that transporting her to the vet is no simple task, or you could watch the video and see for yourself.
At any rate, over the weekend, I had to rearrange Wynonna's room in order to more easily maneuver the crate, 
the furniture dolly, and all other equipment needed to ensure her safe transport into the truck and onward to the vet clinic. 

Last spring, I was forced to move the pig palace when a family of five moved in behind it. The relocation 
solved that problem but caused another – there isn't enough room in front of the door to fit the 36" crate into which 
Wynonna must be pushed. So I moved the palace back to where it started and used the opportunity to re-bed it with fresh straw.

Wynonna took a nap in the sun while I worked.

Note to self and Ethel: it may be time to do another art installation.

The palace was relocated and refreshed without incident. 
I assumed Wynonna would rearrange the straw to her liking once she woke up and returned to her room.

I returned a few hours later and saw that Wynonna had not only rearranged the straw and her sleeping bag,
she had barricaded herself inside. Such a clever pig. But would she emerge for her lunchtime snack?
Let's find out...


  1. She looks so cozy in her little pigloo. Good luck on Friday, I hope all goes well at the vet's place. You take such wonderful care of your animals. It is nice to see.
    BA, SP

  2. Wynonna is my very first Pig Comedian..

  3. Poor Wynonna, having to endure a trip. I wish I were a vet. I would be a mobile vet, and make house calls, so she could stay at home for all the trauma. Sending best wishes for an uneventful trip to and from, and for special treats for all of you after it's all done.

  4. oye, the thing we women do to stay beautiful eh ;)

  5. You have good planning skills! Key is dream time rehearsal.

    I watched the video of last year's trip to the vet. The concern of the rest of the family made we a little teary eyed.


  6. She's hilarious! I get such a kick out of her. I'll bet they will love her at the vet clinic.

  7. Ooh I love when I move my bed and have new sheets...I bet that's how Wynonna felt! She looked refreshed.
    Hmm...maybe a "bone crown" above her Princess room would look lovely.

  8. The Princess reigns supreme. Here is to an uneventful trip to the vet.

    Love her so.

  9. Ha! You need a paintbrush out there to brush the straw out of her eyes. :)

  10. Love that Wynonna. What a fun video of her. Wishing you safe travels on Friday with your special and heavy cargo.

  11. What a great way to start the day - Wynonna and her palace are lookin' so good! Sure makes me miss the piggies I once fostered - How well I remember days when no piggies were in sight until the straw moves a tad and two years and/or a snout poke their way out.
    Good luck on Friday - I hope The Royal Pig is somewhat cooperative, and that her servants have a big bowl of strawberries and watermelon awaiting her return.

  12. The every watchful Lucy!
    We do have a mobile vet but no porcine princess.

  13. Well, what can I say, I love, love Wynonna! Even though she may not like her day at the spa, I know you will make it up to her with treats and snacks worth a princess. Here's wishing you luck. Can't wait to see Saturday's post!!

  14. Oh too funny...Have a great time going to get her remake!! Update us in bloggyville with the new Piggy Princess....
    Love from NC

  15. So funny .. what a cutie she is.

  16. An American in Tokyo1/21/14, 6:55 PM

    So that's how you take care of her toes!! *wink*

  17. OMG, you must have heard me bust out laughing: "Dancin' in the Dark" as she fights her way out of the pigloo into the light and FOOD!!!

    What a ham... Oh no: BIG OOOPS-- that is SO politically incorrect of me to call the Porcine Princess :) I meant she's a ham for the camera, of course...bacon her pardon!

    Good luck on the Beauty Salon trip. No snowstorms in the near forecast for you, yahhh.

  18. As a new owner of a PBpig I am intrigued to read about her visit for her trim and teeth cleaning!