Monday, May 20, 2013

Angry landlord evicts family of five

The moment I saw Wynonna sleeping next to instead of inside her pig palace, I knew my worst fears had come true.

The freeloading packrats who had built a nest behind the palace in early April had tunneled under
and now had the run of the place. Not acceptable.

Wynonna helped me move the palace away from the back wall so that we could serve the eviction notice.

The disgusting tenants had trashed the place. Look closely and you'll see one of them hiding his head in shame.

Mama Packrat: You can't make us leave! We have no place else to go! Think of the children!
Me: Spare me the sob story, sister. You've got one minute to collect your brood and high tail it out of here. 
The kids are big enough to be on their own anyway. Be gone!

Wynonna:  Noisy, good-for-nothin' won't be getting back your security deposit, so don't even ask. 

Mama Packrat didn't think twice about abandoning her four kids. 
She climbed the nearest wall without so much as a goodbye and good luck.

Packrat Child #1: Wait for me!

The freeloading family of five could easily have run out of the barn and into the open range, but no.
They ran into the chickens' pen instead. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for them.

Minnie: Where'd he go? Little bugger is fast!

While the chickens and packrats played the Darwin game next door, I removed all traces of the nest 
and relocated the pig palace, exposing the back wall to daylight to discourage any new tenants. 
The princess returned to her room to sleep resume her royal duties.


  1. By the look of the pink bits, I's say that was papa rat...

  2. i can't even tell you how much I LOVE YOUR BLOG.... don't ever stop please.... i can't stop laughing and those are the cutest packrats ever... i do hope between the chickens and the cats everything will work out for the queen in her box

  3. Evicting freeloaders is hard work!! Hmmmmm where were the enforcers...i mean cash cats eh? I will just stay ontop of this table until they are gone k!

  4. The Queen will have to have a talk with those cats!

  5. The princess has quite a palace. Nice that she can use it again.

  6. In my mind I keep telling myself, they are only on the computer screen, but my skin is still crawling. Ewwwwwww, get um chickens. Poor Ms. W having to endure noisy, good for nothin', lowlifes....I hope the palace and the princess are all back in order.

  7. Shocking, simply shocking! I hope this is the beginning of a cleanup for dear Wy's sake.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. Ahhh, sweet princess back in her home! I hope she has a quiet, peaceful life here on. The only packrat I've seen around here is me....BTW, I was delighted to discover the Cash duo are now in your header!

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. Poor Wynonna! I think she might be needing a spa day to help her recover from the stress. Nasty packrats be gone!

  10. I'm glad she has her home back being a royal and all.

  11. I think it is time for the Cash Cats to be a little hungrier so they have to harvest their own meals more vigorously!
    Poor Wynonna. I'd be right pissed off if five strangers moved into my palace! I think she deserves some watermelon or strawberries or whatever her fav fruit is. :)

  12. Poor Wynonna. The indignity of it all. I hope the packrats got the message and are long gone.

  13. Well since i'm the only one, I'll go for the underdog and I'll whisper a goodluck to the packrats. Death by chicken must be awful. And while W lives in the lap of luxury these little guys are only trying to survive. Death by J or J would be harsh but fair. Death by chicken? Let's pretend i didn't read that post...

  14. Glad all is right within the royal realm of Wynonna Land. The nerve of those pack rats to oust te Queen from her palace. She won't forget this I'm sure!

  15. I can't just think these packrats look so cute and sweet. I mean you are the only oasis in the desert, we would all come to your place if we could.

  16. Get ready for some really big eggs with double yolks! LOL

  17. I am *so* off eggs or anything chicken-like again, after reading this ... LOL

    Love your blog!

    - Bonz

  18. "Played the Darwin game." LOL Love it.

  19. Happy Wynonna has her palace back. Packrats have all the great outdoors to make a new home. They just picked an unfortunate wrong place.

    Probably outran the girls in the chicken coop. If they escaped should have kept running for a while.

    Nature red in tooth and claw.

  20. Er, uh...and WHERE were the barn cats when all this was allowed to happen?