Thursday, January 30, 2014

Easy like Sunday morning

I love Sunday mornings. I don't have to work, the Saturday trip to town is but a memory, 
and I have a whole day of nothing on the agenda, unless you count watching Downton Abbey at 9 o'clock.

The herd seems to feed off my mood and is also at their most relaxed state,

with nothing better to do than snooze in the sun, out of the wind against a tree.

I've never counted how many trees are in the pasture, but it wouldn't matter how many there are.

Lucy would still want the same one George and Alan have claimed.

George: I can't believe you let her get away with this nonsense.

Lucy: Get over yourself.

Meanwhile, Hank stands alone in the drama-free zone.


  1. Just like cat cushions - they all want the same one, and you can't help feeling that there's a point being made somehow, but it's not always clear what point this time.....

  2. they are doing the same thing our dogs do, they both want the same blanket, same spot on the sofa. and Baby is the one who stands and stares at Jake until he moves.

  3. I love that George uses words like "nonsense".

  4. That looked like perfect lets go for a ride Lucy weather eh!

  5. I love Sunday mornings too. Extra special breakfast, lots of coffee, and the Sunday news or the Sunday Morning Edition with Michael Enright. He is the radio man with the CBC.

    BA SP

  6. My chickens would all want the same nest box, too. I finally got rid of all but one box. It was just taking up room. Hank is a smart boy!
    Their winter coats are so thick! Are they always that way?

  7. I, too, spend most of Sunday anticipating Downton Abbey! Now, if Hank stands alone, that makes him The Cheese, right? The Big Cheese, naturally.

  8. Hey Hank,
    You are a smart horse to not get involved with hogging trees...LOL
    Love the scenery you have at 7msnranch.....and that BLUE Sky.
    Love from NC

  9. are you close to Clovis NM? did you see the video on the tumble weed invasion..

  10. Sing it with me: "Hi-Ho the derrio, Hank stands alone!" He's the Big Cheese at the 7MSN!!

    Hugs from Mississippi

  11. I've missed your herd, and of course you and Smooch! I got settled in Savannah the middle of Nov, and just got my daughter's old laptop and connection to the internet about 2 weeks ago. I can see I'll be spending a lot of my time catching up on your posts!

    Nancy in Savannah (formerly known as
    Nancy in Iowa).

  12. Hank is just so mellow out there on his own.

  13. I"m with old Hank...drama free is the best..................

  14. Hank, diamond solitaire.

  15. I don't know if it's the light or the dust or what, but George's coat looks absolutely gorgeous in these photos, especially the "this nonsense" one. Did he go into town with you last weekend to get highlights done?