Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Take a number

Sometimes I feel like the lone clerk at the bakery counter on a busy day.
My customers have to take a number to get what they want.

 Lucy: I hate it when there's a line.

Alan: How long do you think we'll have to wait?


 Lucy: Hey! No cuts!

George: Excuse me, but I believe it's my turn.

 Hank: I wouldn't get any closer to her if I were you.

 George: Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do, tough guy?

With that, George turned around and told Hank exactly what he could kiss.


  1. Hank's the man! Ha haa and they know it.
    It looks very comfy there, I think it's 2 or 3 and our wind
    is -22...kinda getting use to it

  2. Ha! That's how I feel sometimes. Thanks for the giggle.

    BA SP

  3. Love the next to last picture. Looks like everyone had softened on their stance about who is first in line.

  4. Lordy, I LOVE to start my day here!

  5. There is a sort of new atmosphere at 7MSN recently. the critters are using potty-mouth vocabulary!

  6. Your herd certainly do have an exact pecking order and maintain it (with your assistance) with a sense of humor. Love them all but Handsome Hank is my fave.
    Isn't it fabulous that Hannah reached and exceeded her goal. Yay. Book and film will be.

  7. They are probably picking up the "potty mouth" from one of the ranch hands. They are probably more reserved when they go to the vet.

    Jo and Stella, both familiar with the language!

  8. It's nice to be loved. You must feel like a celebrity whenever you walk out to the pasture.

  9. I want an eau de parfum reflecting (? wrong word, but you know what I mean) today's (most days') scene. Scent of warm equine bodies, near-dry equine poopinos, whaddayacall those trees again, red dirt, clean-crisp air. Mhhhhhahhhh, bliss.

  10. I have followed your blog for several years. I am the parent of an adult child with a drug addiction. Some days are exhausting and draining. You and all your 4 legged children brighten my days. Don't ever stop writing.

  11. Carson,
    Has not been a good day til I came here! I'm with Sharon, please don't ever stop!

  12. Hank looks a little less sure about his powers of stink eye in the second to last pic. Watch it big guy! Don't let George get too big for his britches!

    Joyce S.

  13. Atta boy, George. You stand up for yourself. Just be careful because Handsome Hank may actually bite that ass and not kiss it.