Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another failed family photo

The herd was on its way home for lunch. I could see a family photo developing 
as they all made their way over to the beaten path, so I ran to head them off.
I knew if I could stop George in his tracks, the others would pile up behind him and I might have the shot I wanted.
 Now picture an out-of-breath madwoman with a camera in one hand, doing a one-sided jumping jack
with the other, shouting, "Wait! Wait!" That is how one gets a burro to stop in his tracks.

George: What in the hell are you doing?

Me: Trying to line up this shot. Alan, move your left ear a teensy bit to the right.

Me: Perfect. Now, George, put your ears back up so we can see Lucy's other eye.

George: Where's Hank? He has to be in this, too.

Me: Here he comes. Just hold still for a few more seconds.



  1. Bravo! you managed a very beautiful one with the 3 of them already. keep practicing and I am sure one day you'll have the four of them together

  2. Ya need a dog that will herd for you. Camera assistant!

  3. It's like herding a bunch of cats.

    I like the B&W shots. They are dramatic.

    BA SP

  4. Just use some Photoshop skills to add Hang to the 2nd to last shot. Sounds easy doesn't it.

  5. "Enough of your shennigan's woman, it's time for lunch."

  6. I can't type.. rolling on floor laughing, truly am.. this is hilarious and thanks for the laughter....better luck next time.

  7. You forgot the treats. They need a treat for incentive. Good shot of the 3 of them anyway.

  8. LOL - the number of times I've gone through the same process trying to get a family shot of my dogs!

  9. This would happen t me when the grandkids were little!!!!

  10. An American in Tokyo1/23/14, 5:28 PM

    Good try!!

    Maybe you need some treats next time so they all come running to you? ;)

  11. Amazing, the amount of beauty + fun we get out of "failures" at this address!

    (Your tweet about the pope and DSL, well, LOL!)