Friday, January 24, 2014

The ever-serious Smooch

New Mexico has been spared the arctic blasts most of the rest of the country has been dealing with. January here has been almost pleasant. And when it does get too cold and windy to venture out...

...Smooch and I have a ringside seat on the pasture from inside the bedroom...

...though Smooch's noseprints and the dusty-dove body slam prints tend to get in the way of the view.
For as many dove prints as there are, you'd think there'd be dead doves all over the place – not to worry.
They bounce off the glass and keep on flying.

I've taken some of my favorite pictures of Smooch in this window light.

 She looks so serious when she's watching her pasture, though.

You'd think she'd lighten up a little seeing these two.


  1. I call our patio door looking out into the garden "dog TV". They can sit and stare outside for hours on end at the birds, squirrels and bunnies.

    Love, love, love the last closeup photo of Smooch. Beautiful!

  2. careful, I might move in eh ! ;)

  3. OMG, I have several of those prints on my living room windows....never find dead birds....just perfect "bird in flight/coming to a sudden stop" prints!!

  4. i can see the outline of the dove wing. ouch.. wish i had a view like yours.. and the critters in that view

  5. Dusty bird prints are worrysome, but it seems pigeons bounce as well as doves. Love the Vermeer look of those Smooch portraits.

  6. I think Smooch is longing to gyre and gimble in the wabe with slithy toves George and Alan!

  7. Smooch is such a beautiful girl, her eyes are so soulful they bring tears to mine. I think her serious look is her look of the love she feels for you and all of her ranchmates. You are a very blessed woman Carson!!

  8. Smooch watching television!

  9. It looks warm by you guys...the cold is bad but it's the wind chill that I can't believe, the worst is yet to come.
    It's windy in the house!
    I might have to book a flight to thaw out :-)

  10. Ever-serious? This must be remedied. Meaning, you must get down on all fours, then down on your elbows so your head is lower than the li'l derrière, then slap your flat hands on the floor and pretend you want to chase Smooch. Do set up video cam beforehand, though. Because, blog fodder of the finest!! ;D
    P.S. Lovely light and Smooch, indeed.

  11. An American in Tokyo1/26/14, 5:02 PM

    O!M!G! I can't believe how clearly you can see the print of the dove wing in that one photo with Smooch!! I sure hope those guys are birdie sometimes panics and flies into the mirror, but I've never seen him leave a print like that!! =O