Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Down the trail with Johnny and George

 Johnny: Please don't leave me. What happens when I want to get down?

 Me: I'm sure you'll figure out something.

When I saw the gears in Johnny's brain engage, I moved to the other side of the stall 
to catch the action...and George's reaction.

 George: This butt warmer/scratcher combo thing is a pretty good idea. Let's market them and get rich.

 Johnny: I think that's enough miles for one day.

George: Wait! Now my butt's going to get cold.

Johnny: Hope I'm not sore tomorrow. Maybe I should try a saddle next time.

Me: Don't look so worried, George. I'm sure your riding buddy will be back soon.


  1. Laughed soooo hard yesterday :)
    Is George smiling?

    At least JC used the polite-dismount and not the usual cat dismount, involving a rabbit-punch from the hindend!

    M in NC

  2. Hahahaha ... cats :p


  3. this just totally slays me, i love it. just to darn sweet. you should put up a cute alert

  4. I am continually astounded at the photos you are able to capture and have the animals still be themselves. Glad JC has learned the tightrope walking like Deets did.

  5. I realized after my reading of yesterday's post the Johnny reminds me SO much of our former outdoor/once-feral cat. I told everyone that Kimba came with our house, left there in the care of our neighbor when they sold the house to us and moved. Kimba wanted to be HERE, though, but she was very skittish and distrusting of people. It took a year of quiet determination on my part, sitting near the food dish I put out for her on our front porch ... not making eye contact at first, then moving closer and closer till I could reach out and touch her. One day, she came home limping and I knew that whatever it was would require a trip to the vet. I had never picked her up before, but she must have learned to trust me because I picked her up, put her in the carrier, and she was a perfect lady while the vet looked her over, drained the abscess on her elbow, and gave her antibiotics. From that day forward, Kimba was my constant companion outside. She greeted everyone who arrived at the house, from her spot on the door mat or in the sunshine on our brick stairs. She loved to sit on my lap, and she would happy dance with great joy (and her razor sharp claws!) We called her the Queen of Hartwood Manor. When she died in 2011, at the ripe old estimated age of 19, we had her cremated and her ashes are buried in her favorite napping spot under a rose bush beside the house. There are times when I'm outside and I swear that I see her or hear her talking to me ... wishful thinking, I know.

    Anyway, this long narrative is to let you know that I love hearing about whatever is happening at 7MSN. You and your critters are things that I am thankful for.

  6. I can see it now...Johnny training George to back up to the fence rail whenever he wants to dismount!

  7. i think you're right lilyrose, i bet George is loving having a butt warmer/scratcher and he'll be cozying up to the fence when he sees JCC coming. Everyone stay warm, another cold one comin'!

  8. What cuties! Are YOU sure those Johnny nailclaws aren't a bit painful? George's fur is probably blocking some but a few ouchs may be getting thru? I've been on the other end of those and I couldn't wait to cut my neighborly visit short!!hehe

  9. Oh Johnny, you are such an awesome character. So smart too. Working your way into everyone's hearts. As I'm sure George would agree, what says love more than a good ole butt scratch!! =^. .^=

  10. How did he get there ?

    Your gang is just too cute.


  11. "Hope I'm not sore tomorrow" - T.G. I don't have to worry about that: I'm getting so much belly-laugh and smiling practice here...
    Looks like Johnny CC has figured out quite a burro-friendly way of dismounting!
    George, permission to hug you?
    (JCC, I'll afford you more time until we cyber-hug, K?)

  12. love and sweetness are all over 7MSN Ranch. what a good feeling!

  13. That is one beautiful cat! I love this series. George looks so dismayed in the last pic.

  14. That's a perfect dismount. Johnny sure is a sweetheart. I'm so glad he's warming up (to) the rest of the herd.

  15. Love it. Great picture. I'm glad they get along so well.