Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ranchsitter in training

Where has the time gone? I've already blown through five ranchsitters. Ranchsitter #6 arrived Tuesday.
You all remember Ethel, right? My best bud from high school? She'll be here for two weeks and a couple of days.
By the time she leaves, the wound should be healed and I should be able to lift and tote and do all most of the stuff I normally do.

Morning chores are the most complicated, but Ethel was up for the task. Here she is learning 
where to s.w.a.t. Hank. He has a little bald spot on his belly line where the flies bug him,
so every morning he gets a dab of s.w.a.t. fly repellent, in addition to his fly mask, and fly spray, 
and sunscreen. Handsome high-maintenance Hank...but he's worth it.

Ethel mastered the grazing muzzle in no time. It helps that Lucy is more than cooperative...

...albeit nosy.

As many times as Ethel has visited the 7MSN, she has never had chore responsibility. You might remember 
that when she came to ranchsit last fall, she brought her broken ankle and the Ethelettes with her.

Some chores, like feeding Smooch her morning cookie, require no training.


  1. So glad you're getting better and better. And grateful that this whole thing has reminded me of the importance of nurturing friendships.

    happy fall! Ann from Maine

  2. Smooch phoned me last night.
    She says Ethel needs lots of training on the morning cookie thing.

  3. Hello Ethel!! waving from CanadaEH

  4. this is all good news, i am wondering now if after weeks of having other people living with you how you will adjust to be alone again...well not alone alone, just no humans

  5. You have been surrounded by such wonderful friends. Healing takes place with such a wonderful support system. Mentioning also all the friends on your blog site. Thanks for staying in touch.

    Best always,

  6. I'm certain the time has sort of drug along for you while you are healing, but it seems like this adventure just began.
    Fall is marching forward, as I see you are bundled up in the mornings for chores, while I was just in shorts and boots and a t-shirt.

  7. Yayyyyy, Ethel! Welcome to the Musical Ranchsitters game! Hope all goes well during your stay and by the time you leave you will have earned your new degree!

    You look well and well cared for, Carson!

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. Carson you are looking wonderful. So happy you are feeling better. What an amazing group of friends you have. It's a testament to the kind of person you are. Continue to heal and enjoy this time with your wonderful friends.

  9. Won't be up to the usual you and Ethel hijinks, but enjoy the time and maximize healing by following the rules. Pretty please.

    Smooch is a happy girl. And Lucy so helpful. Every day that passes brings you closer to full recovery.

  10. So glad to hear that you are getting better. What great friends you have but I imagine that is a testament of the person you are too. Be good to yourself and thanks for sharing your life.

    Anna G in AZ

  11. Hooray for another successful Ranch Sitter Sister hand-off!
    So glad you're there, Ethel!
    Carson, you really, really, really look great!!
    It makes my heart so happy to see that great big smile on your face. :-)

  12. I'm new here and really enjoying your posts and have been looking over the older ones. Great site, and you have a beautiful smile! Hope you continue to get better, I know you will. Your ranch sitters are awsome as well, you are one very lucky gal!

  13. As your animals have taught you, healing takes longer than you think or want. Call in for a couple more ranchsitters, just in case.
    Amazing, awesome women. All of you.

  14. You look great!! Are you sure you didn't have a little cosmetic surgery instead? ;)

  15. okay...who's taking the pictures? johnny cash cat? chip off the old block already! have fun youz guyz.