Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Team 7MSN has arrived

Smooch is in heaven. 

Ethel already broke her ankle. Kidding. She broke it the day after she agreed to ranchsit. 
Her dog knocked her down. Ooops. But she cowgirled up and came anyway. 

Here is Ethel's son, busy reading the 7MSN manual. 

The herd is in good hands.

More pictures to come as the spirit moves me.


  1. That Smooch is such a sweetie! Looks like the team is settling in.

  2. I don't think a broken ankle will keep Ethel from enjoying her stay and making sure the 7 MSN runs smoothly in your absence. But perhaps you should have a chat with Alan and George to not overwhelm her with cuteness.

  3. Are there some jokes in the instruction manual? Ethel's son appears to be stifling a laugh while reading it. Team MSN will take excellent care of your herd, and probably spoil them a bit. Have a great minivacation!

  4. Ethel is a trooper. Hope George doesn't rip that boot off her leg. I guess it's too chilly for rattlesnakes, right?
    Smooch is really turning it on for her guests.
    They are going to have so much fun!

  5. Hay! I like those photo pillows on the back of the couch! Good luck to Team 7MSN :)

  6. It looks like everything is going to be just fine! Ethel may need to wrap that boot in walmart bags to keep the dust out, though. :)

  7. I do love you and your people! (And your critters!)