Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How Ethel's mind works

Ethel and I were driving home from town last evening. As we turned off the highway onto the dirt road,
she warned me that I would have to stop "when we got to the guy's house by the cattle guard"
because there was something she wanted to photograph.

Ethel: There it is! Pull over!
Me: There what is?

Ethel: The man climbing through the grass!
Me: He does sort of look like Gumby...

Anyway, we had to go to town on Tuesday, because we were supposed to go to town on Wednesday to take Hank and Lucy to their annual vet visit, but when I went out to hook up the trailer on Tuesday, I gave it a good going-over because I hadn't used it since last February, and sure enough, some of the floor boards had rain rot and there was no way I was loading my precious cargo in there until the floor got fixed. Hence the trip to town Tuesday night to take the trailer to the shop. But before we left, Ethel seized the opportunity of an empty garage to sweep out all the dirt. I sure am going to miss my ranchsitter.

Some of you may remember this post from wayyyy back in October 2008, wherein I had just gotten the trailer floor replaced and the repair man warned me about rain getting in and the floor getting wet, and I thought I had a solution to the problem but then the packrats took over and it didn't rain for a few years and I kinda sorta forgot about all the damage rain could cause, hence yesterday's discovery. Another lesson learned the expensive way. Check under those trailer mats, people!

But the up side is, my garage floor is clean! Thanks, Ethel!


  1. I need an ETHEL!!

  2. That garage looks like it wants to have a PARTY in it!

  3. Wow! I'm impressed with the cleanliness of your garage. All this time reading your blog, somehow the fact that you even HAD a garage escaped me.

  4. If Ethel would like to hang around New Mexico for a while longer, the home of the baddogs could certainly use her skills and we would enjoy her company -- just sayin'

  5. Ethel cannot leave! Noooooooooo ;(
    I am just going to admire that clean floor for a while eh.

  6. p.s. a framed photo of that Gumby catus would look good on your wall.

  7. Hopefully there won't BE a next time, but if you ever need to replace it again, look into " Rumber" planks. Made from a composite of recycled tires, they're textured and rot-proof. Don't need mats! Pricey though. It's the main reason I won't consider upgrading my trailer, unless the replacement has it too.

  8. I love how Ethel sees things. :)
    I also would like to get in line to have Ethel come clean my garage.

  9. This could probably fall under the measure twice, cut once category. Good catch. Excellent sweeping, Ethel. :oD

  10. "and it didn't rain for a few years"??????? Blimey!

  11. Would Ethel come to Iowa to clean out my apt (completely!) so I can move back to Georgia next month?

    Nancy in Iowa (for now)

  12. I love the cactus guy high footing it through the grass. Great eye there Ms. Ethel.
    And she cleans????? Wow, so many gifts and talents. Most of my friends just like to talk and eat. Great looking garage.

  13. That trailer floor is yucky. Metal perhaps ...

    What will you do without Ethyl ?
    What have you done this whole time without her ?
    Will she ever return ?
    Spring cleaning each year ?

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  14. Ok, I did not see it till you said it was Gumby! Now I just kind of chuckle when I see the photo.


  15. Such a nice, clean garage floor! Did Denise have to deal with any large flying insects while sweeping out the space? Perhaps not, given the time of day that the work took place. :-)

    Hey, that nice new garage door opener is looking awfully lonely. Perhaps we should plan for an installation party with at least one returning Ranchsitter?

  16. you are getting more and more organized, all neat and clean! maybe you can plan a big party soon. I would also need Ethel here in France.

  17. I love a clean garage... I love to let it get really cruddy so I can see the results of my efforts.
    Your's looks lovely!

  18. Hmm a Gumby cactus guy, why yes, yes it is! You make a good team, you and Ethel, not the Gumby guy.

  19. When you plan that big garage party, here is a recipe I found today you might want to cook up.

    Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili

    Jo in MN

  20. Hey Carson and superwoman Ethel,
    This has nothing to do with today's posts, which by the way was awesome as always! Love that cactus, man!
    Anyway, I think I have found smoochs sister! Google Channing Tatums dog LuLu. It could be smoochs sister!
    What do you think?
    Deb in Viola, Ks

  21. Ooh, I love to travel!! I will miss Hank, Luce, Geo,Allen, Wy, Johnnie, Smooch,the chicks and oh yeah, you, too Carse
    I'll be back :-)

  22. Ok, is it just me or did anyone else see something entirely different than Gumby in that cactus? This is a family blog so I'll keep it to myself :-)

    I've got a pretty dirty basement so if Ethel wants to make a pit stop in AL on her way home, I'd treat her well!

  23. send "merry maid"..ethyl over thisa way...

    she's a great friend to have.

  24. If Ethel would like a challenge I have a garage and basement that she can take on. Then again, no, too embarrassing.


  25. Ha ha ha to Jane!!!
    Right there with ya, girlfriend...let's not tell anybody else what we saw, k? :-)

    Jeez, Ethel...did you mop, too, after you swept out the garage? How come it looks so much cleaner than when I did it? Safe travels'll be missed!

  26. Hint. Use pressure treated wood on the floor. It doesn't rot!

  27. I see a Dancing Cholla. (from Manzano)

  28. Wow!! good thing nobody loaded any animals!!