Thursday, October 17, 2013

Until they meet again

Ethel left this morning but not before saying goodbye to all her friends.

Ethel: I'm going to miss these ears.

Lucy: Allow me to get up so you can give me a proper hug.

Uh oh. I think Ethel may have swallowed Lucy's ear.

No goodbye to George would be complete without a butt scratch.

Ethel: Don't get up...I can hug you from here.

Hank: Excuse me? I believe it's my turn.

Hank: Your hands are very dirty.

Hank: Let me wash them for you.

Hank: Don't worry. My tongue has anti-bacterial properties.

Wynonna: Please don't touch me. I know where your hands have been.


  1. Goodbye Ethel!! We'll miss you and all the other wonderful Ranchsitters.

  2. have a save journey home Ethel. Please come back soon!! Are you sure Linda can be trusted on her own and not get into trouble?? ;)

  3. Goodbye Ethel. Have a good winter!

    Does this mean you are on your own again? Prayers for a safe and wonderful winter for you, too.

  4. these are awesome as always and the Hank Tongue shot is my Ethel, we enjoyed your stay...

  5. Ethel you have been a joy to the stories of MSN Land! Gonna miss you! Have a safe trip home.

  6. Ethel, y'all come back now! Wynonna's comment was very funny.

  7. No good bye to Smooch and Johnny ?

  8. You have done a fabulous job, Ethel, all the while making some of us newer readers fall in love with you!

    Have a good trip home and come back soon as you can!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  9. Adios Ethel. Thanks for your part in taking care of the real wild one at 7MSN. All of the Ranchsitters get gold stars on their life charts for sure. I bet Smooch will sit on the bed in the sunroom and wonder where all her fans have gotten off to.
    Oma Linda

  10. That hug with Lucy is adorable. Oh, Wynonna, you never fail to disappoint, my dear.

    Safe Travels, Ethel. I fear the place is going to fall completely apart after you're gone.

  11. Whatever is Carson going to do left on her own? Will Hank and the donks remember her? Will JC let her pet him? Will Wynonna continue to waddle to the porch? Will Smooch hang around, or go looking for ranchsitters?

    Wondering in Iowa (er, Nancy...soon to be from Savannah!)

  12. Bye Ethel. It must be hard to leave such good friends!