Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A ploy to win my dog back

Smooch's heart belongs to someone else, and her name is Ethel.

Every day, it's the same thing. Smooch sleeps in Ethel's bed. Smooch sits on the couch with Ethel and watches tv.
Smooch and Ethel go on long walks together. Smooch strikes poses and Ethel takes adorable pictures of her.
I don't stand a chance.

Or do I? Perhaps the way to a dog's heart is through her stomach.

Me: Smoochie want a special breakfast?

Smooch: You cooked something just for me?

Smooch: OMG, it smells so good I can barely stand it.

Me: Huevos 7MSNRancheros...now will you sleep on my bed?

 Smooch: Maybe. Serve it with bacon tomorrow and then we'll talk.


  1. i like that sniffing the air pose best of all, smooches to smooch from me

  2. I see where your loyalty lies Ms Smooch.......to your stomach ;)

  3. I like the sniffing photo best, too. Her tail is wagging like crazy while she's doing it.

  4. Awwwwwwww..... You still have her heart totally; she's just making sure Ethel feels appreciated for all that wood stacking :) or maybe Ethel just carries bacon in her pocket (movie reference, anyone?)

  5. Smooch will tell you, you know, that she was just being a good hostess to Ethel. Making her feel as comfy at yours and Smooch's home as possible. Then when Ethel goes back home,Smooch will be your dog again. Maybe not 1000% but, close. We dogs retain a lot of memory.

    Stella Dog

  6. Hahahaha! If you cooked that for my dogs-they would follow you anywhere. Don't worry. Smooch loves you-she's just enjoying the company!

  7. Smooch is so cute.
    Not to worry.
    My dogs only nap with me if no one else is here.
    The minute one of my kids comes over, they are gone.
    Cute but you wouldn't know I'm the one who rescued them and does everything for them.

    Keep getting better,

  8. That particular smelling the goodness you were offering pose, just so you have the correct verbage is "snuffalating". Or so I was told by Mr. Ry. tee hee
    Smooch is so adorable, but you already know that. And I am sure she will come round to having just "the Momma" to love when the ranchsitters have all gone home. It will be back to just "yous gals". Oma Linda

  9. Nahhhh, she's yours. She's just paying you back for all the attention YOU got from your ranchsitters!

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. She likes this striving thing. Paying off well for the Smooch girl. What a good girl she is.

    Bacon, of course, is the ultimate.

  11. We were only gone 12 days and our cats still pout and act insecure from it. She's just telling you that you hurt her feelings by leaving. What I hate is that we can't explain to them why we are to be gone or even that we will be. I try but it doesn't get through. She's an intelligent looking dog and when she's punished you enough, she'll be back at your feet and your bed ;)

  12. You had me laughing! my cat does exactly the same but I think it is for a good reason they do that: they protect you by checking/controlling the visitor.