Friday, August 2, 2013

Take my muzzle. Please!

Lucy has been wearing her grazing muzzle for 10 days now. Frankly I'm amazed that she puts up with it. 
There's no way I would allow someone to wire my jaw shut from dawn to dusk every day.
I wish you could see the look of resignation in her eyes every morning when I buckle it on,
then the glee on her face in the evening when she runs to me to have it removed.
Not to mention the in-between hours when she begs everyone and their brother to have mercy on her poor starving self...

Lucy: I'll be your best friend if you take this thing off me.

Lucy: What a worthless little *mumble mumble mumble*...

Lucy: Mom's busy so she said it was ok for you to take this off my face.
George: She did?
Lucy: Yeah. Why would I lie about a thing like that?

George: long as you're sure I won't get in trouble.

Me: George, let go of that right this second or you'll never get another carrot for as long as you live.

Alan: You'd really do that?
Me: Probably not, but don't tell George.


  1. Are you seeing a difference in her weight with the muzzle on part of the day?

    I have read that most horses wearing muzzles part of the time simply adjust their eating so they end up getting the same amount of forage - i.e. they eat more during the off-muzzle time to make up for the on-muzzle time.

    We tried a muzzle on our pony and on Rafer Johnson but they both seemed to go nuts when the muzzle came off and became even more food-focused. Now I'm giving both donkeys Alcar in the summer months which seems to be helping.

    Big hug to Lucy. She's a good sport!!

  2. Poor sweetie girl. Tell her I have the same problem with my aging metabolism. Unfortunately, they don't make muzzles for humans. I could probably use one.

  3. One criticism of your blog...they end all too soon. I'd spend all day reading about life at 7MSN. Thank you for sharing your wonderful 'take on life' at 7MSN.

  4. poor girl! I like her eye-to eye with George in picture 3 and WAOU their grey fur looks so nice on all that green!

  5. My girls, all potly Paints, got out of wearing their muzzles when I found that they exacerbated the sunburn they get on their cute little white noses! They are now on a highly restricted pasture schedule.

  6. Poor Lucy - I really feel for her! I need a chocolate muzzle but don't plan to let anyone put one on my face!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. crikey! Lucy can flatten her ears with the best of them! very aerodynamic and impressive!!! poor "starving" dear.

  8. Poor girl. I need one of those, too - but luckily Mr. Dreamy hasn't thought of that yet!
    I put one on Pippin. It lasted about 5 minutes. He just about went berserk.... well, as berserk as a Haflinger can get!

  9. Love it!!! Are you sure you don't write children's books--- cause you should and I would--- ( buy them)!!!!!

  10. Poor Lucy! You know, Siete had a bit of a problem with her weight and had to wear the dreaded muzzle until I found a great supplement that seems to have solved the problem. She was lacking chromium in her diet - so I give both girls something called D-Carb Balance and it makes a big difference. You might want to check it out for Lucy. And don't they make any muzzles with a little bling on them? A rhinestone or two might help.

  11. I obviously need a grazing muzzle myself. Poor Lucy! She looks so pathetic!

  12. OOOh! Victoria's comment about supplements reminded me of hearing about the grass/hay growing in Western OR lacks calcium (?) which is leached out of the ground by all the rain we receive. Alfalfa, from Central OR (less than half our rainfall), is a much desired supplement.