Thursday, August 1, 2013

A sound investment

This is what Smooch looks like when she is listening to an audiobook. 
She can do that now since I've invested in a highly unsophisticated sound system for the sunroom. 

I am so averse to connecting wires that my stereo system remains in boxes, eight years post moving day. 
I am equally averse to wearing headphones, and don't even get me started on those tortuous ear bud things.
So when I was on vacation with my sister and saw the cutest little rechargeable speaker she had for her iPad,
I ordered two to use with my iPod, one for the sunroom and one for my truck.
Had I been thinking, I would have bought a third and mounted it on Lucy's saddle.

At 20 bucks each, it was the most sound investment I've ever made. 
I bought mine at Amazon, but sister says they're available at Target, too.

Clearly you get what you pay for and the sound quality isn't going to impress an audiophile,
but it sure beats having sore ears from wearing headphones, or having to hook up a bunch of wires.

Smooch: All this tech talk is making me hungry.


  1. wow, all this cool geek talk PLUS a look at Smooch..

  2. I thought Smooch was going to lick it! she loves the story so much! cant wait to see Johnny listening too!!

  3. You can also take your iPod/iPhone and put it in a big plastic cup or even a bowl and it amplifies the sound considerably...and without ANY wires :-D.

  4. There are wireless speaker systems for stereos and home theater systems. No wires to hook up!

  5. I do the 'bowl' speaker thing in the car too. It's like magic. :) You could try that in your truck and use the second real speaker for Lucy. win win.

  6. That's really pretty cool! Smooch is adorable!!

  7. Who knew? I'm with Smooch. It all makes me a little hungry. I don't have an iphone and wouldn't have a cell if my kids didn't insist. If it has more than one wire, I'm done. So glad you're both loving the sunroom. The plant is still green!

  8. Hey! That's just what I need for my studio/office! :oD

    Don't get me started on those earbuds. I had to wear a headset when I manned the reception desk at the senior centre last year - sheer and absolute torture! Gave me headaches. I'm sure it's because I have such delicate, shell-like ears.