Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday encore ~ Somebunny's got it all figured out

It was around 5:00 Wednesday evening and time to head to the barn to feed. 
I spotted a visitor on my way there and asked him to stay while I went to grab the camera.

He did.

Why wouldn't he? He had found the coolest patch of dirt on the ranch, right below the downspout.

Me: I'm going to let the chickens out now. You might want to be careful. They're carnivores.

Bunny: I'll wait over here.

Clara: Who's that grazing in my yard?

Clara: You are aware that there's a freeloader right behind me, are you not?
I lay eggs. He lays poop. Do the math. Get rid of him.

Minnie: You'd better be charging him rent!

Bunny: I'm sensing I'm not welcome here.
Me: Pay no attention. The heat makes them ornery.

Bunny: Ta-ta for now.


  1. thanks for my sunday morning laugh... ta ta for now

  2. Gone before he turned into rabbit stew.
    Best always,

  3. blessed, your land is paradise

  4. Happy to see this one again!


  5. All of the animals Seven Miles South of Nowhere are so witty! Happy Sunday!!

  6. Yep, he found a burrow of coolness under the water spout!

  7. the bunny is so cute! thanks for the laugh!:)