Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday encore ~ They grow up so fast

It was Friday afternoon around 3:30. I had the day off from work and was deep in the throes of a DIY project 
that involved my office, the front porch, a very long drill bit, the risk for electrocution, 
and much cursing. (More on that later in the week or when I finish it, whichever comes first.) 
Anyway, I was measuring the office wall for the umpteenth time, paralyzed by doubt and indecision, 
when who should I spy outside the door but my good friend Baby Squirrel #1.

Baby Squirrel #1: Mama, the nice lady is troubled and could use some comic relief.

Mama Squirrel: How many times must we have this discussion? Do not talk to strangers.
Baby Squirrel: She's not a stranger! I met her last week and she was very nice.
Mama Squirrel: Nice and strange is more like it. Now hurry up. We've got to get back home before rush hour.

Mama Squirrel: Be on the lookout for a pig and a bunch of chickens.

Mama Squirrel: The pig might sit on you and those don't want to know.

Baby Squirrel #1: I'm not afraid chickens. I'm not afraid of anything.

Mama Squirrel: Just be quiet and hop to it.

Mama Squirrel: This is a donkey crossing. Look both ways and don't be fooled by the masks.

Me: See you next time, kids. Thanks for stopping by. I needed that.


  1. Love the squirrel stories.

    Best always,

  2. I'm with Sandra! Your squirrel pix are fantastic and you have the perfect dialogue to go with them! So, Carson, when are you going to start writing children's books? Talking Donkeys, a horse, dog, chickens, cat, squirrels, pig, and whatever else you encounter!!! You've got both the photo talent and writing talent.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. they cute and articulated! and your eye & camera are so sophisticated! you have all that is needed to write a children's book

  4. I love this post! I've rescued a few squirrels in my time and just love them. :)
    Enjoy your week!

  5. So, has living on the dark side driven you stark raving mad, yet? Are you going to be crazy squirrel lady soon? (I know these are past post, but still....). "You should have bought a squirrel." (Extra points for getting movie reference correct without google :-) )