Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Just another workday distraction

It was around 1:30 Monday afternoon. I was crazy busy, screaming at the computer monitor,
like that would help stem the tide of incoming e-mails. Out of the corner of my eye, 
I saw something run across the front porch.

Me: I did not see a squirrel run by with something in her cheek the size of a grapefruit.
Me #2: Yes, you did.
Me: No, I didn't. Now shut up and let me get back to work.

Ten minutes pass.

Me: I think I saw another squirrel run by, closely followed by something else.
Me #2: Grab the stinkin' camera and look out the window!

I pointed the camera out the office window and caught Mama Squirrel and Baby Squirrel resting on the fence.

Me: Awww, how special.
Me #2: They're probably on their way to the hay barn to eat twine. Don't get too attached.

Another 10 minutes go by.

I see Mama Squirrel run past my office door in the opposite direction. I race to the bedroom window to see where she's headed 
and watch her walking around the base of a juniper tree.

Me: thinks she's moving her litter from the tree to the hay barn. 
Damn bunnies must have blabbed about the free buffet.

I return to my desk and try to focus on work, but of course Mama Squirrel runs by with another baby
and I have to leap from my chair to take a picture out the window.

It was worth it.

Baby Squirrel: Wait for me!

Another 10 minutes go by and like clockwork, here comes Mama Squirrel with another baby,
carrying this one in her mouth.

Look closely and you'll see Baby's tail wrapped around the back of Mama's neck.

Mama Squirrel: Next time I'm renting a U-haul.

I walked out on the front porch and watched them scamper off to the hay barn.

Me: Guess I'll have to buy an extra load of hay.
Me #2: Maybe two. I hear they're as prolific as rabbits.
Me: Would you just shut up?

Baby Squirrel: You're both nuts. Could you pay attention to me, please?
I've been abandoned!

Me: Fear not, Little One. I'm sure your mama will be right back. Give her about 10 minutes.

Sure enough, Mama Squirrel re-appeared to take her last baby to their new home.

Me: Bye-bye! Be careful!
Me #2: Can we get back to work now?


  1. well told, well showed.. can you hear me giving a standing ovation...

  2. you definitely are handling a double professional career, the computer one and the animal reporter one. How talented!

  3. I would rather watch the squirrels that work!

  4. Too, too cute. Especially the one with the baby squirrel in full flight. How do you EVER get any work done?

  5. Glad the camera won the argument. Busy little critters. Exquisitely captured too. Hope they don't complicate life in the hay barn too much.

  6. Fantastic pictures! Very cute baby squirrels! I've never really noticed a mama with her babies at my house and I live in the woods! lol

  7. LOVE it! I must have missed this post the first time around. How about a modern day update - are they still in the barn? Or is Johnny Cash Cat tackling the squirrel population, too?

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. Very adorable! I I agree with Rebecca2 - I would never get a thing accomplished with so much to watch and do all day!

  9. Such adorable mama and baby squirrels and I love the picture with the little one flying off the ground!

  10. Those little ones are just adorable. What a good mama to make sure each one is safe.

    Sandra sent me the link to your post, she knows how much I like squirrels.

  11. You,too, huh? Me and Me #2. Well,
    fond greetings from us! :) ;)

  12. What does Johnny Cat think about all of this?

  13. AWWWWWWWWW! This is precious! You are wonderful way with your stories. :)