Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Johnny's new play group

JohnnyCashCat is becoming more social with each passing day.

If he hears me outside with the herd, he emerges from the hay barn to join us.

Alan keeps him on his toes,

but he knows he can run over to Lucy for protection if necessary. At least she can't bite.

Johnny: What? You aren't going to chase me? What fun are you?

Johnny: I'll pretend like I don't notice him until he gets close to me...

...then I'll duck under the fence so he can't catch me.

Johnny: OMG! He turned gray!

George: I wonder if I can train him to scratch my butt?

Johnny: You're weird. I'm outta here.

And with that, Johnny went off in search of playmates his own size. And taste.

But something tells me he'll be back for more fun and games with Alan and George.


  1. He is a beautiful cat. I love his coloring.

    Best always,

  2. Wonderful! JCC is spunking up!!! Now can you brief him about snakes and coyotes?

  3. I'm thinking Johnny and Lucy might end up being besties. It's fun seeing the brothers trying to make friends with him. Smart boy to scoot under the fence.

  4. how nice and funny! our cowboy Johnny is really shining out. Nice safety entrance he found in the fence! hope he stays around the barn and does not go too far.

  5. I have to say the backdrop in your most recent photos is such a stunning change. All that green ....the desert really has come to life. Hope it lasts well into the fall to save you on hay.
    Lisa G in TN

  6. JCC is so pretty! I love to see a scared cat turn into a cat that figures out they are smarter and faster than what they are scared of.

    I do hope he learns about snakes and coyotes from you, though, and not from them!


  7. Love that Johnny is letting himself be seen. Shows that he feels secure as part of the family.

    Damp earth at 7MSN. Sight to behold. Great pics as always. We are so spoiled, but appreciative.

  8. Michelle from BC7/31/13, 8:20 AM

    Oh my god, he turned grey !!!! You kill me.
    Am I the only one who sees Johnny lounging in the new sunroom very soon?

  9. The captions are hysterical!

  10. I hope he doesn't roam too far and run into the kind of playmates that will eat him :( He's so cute.

  11. amazing that donkeys for the most part do not like dogs, but are interested and intrigued with cats.

  12. Looks like Johnny Cash Cat is loving his new home. Aren't you glad your not getting attached? LOL
    Great pic as always. It's nice to see mud and green.

  13. I cracked up at the "Turning Grey" Picture! The expression on Johnny Cat was just priceless with the caption! LOVE IT!

  14. I am so glad you took a chance on him. He has a home and friends.

  15. What a long slinky body. If only Tino-cat could look like that again.

  16. oh Yes Johnny longing in the security of the sunroom, love it, love it!

  17. "OMG! He turned gray!" - Lines like that, and the fact that invariably they go so perfectly with the photo, are one of the, oh, four dozen reasons that keep me coming back to 7MSN day after day (and until the end of time)...

  18. I don't stop and say so often, but I really enjoy your blog... I'm a 'senior citizen'living with my daughter right now in Ohio.
    My SON however lives in Belen, NM.
    I taught schol and lived in NM with my husband many years ago and my heart is there.

    Your blog is just one more connection while I'm away. Thank you.

  19. Carson, you should write a book about Johnny Cat's adventures! He is just so adorable!