Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday encore ~ George and Alan face off

When the rains came last week, George and Alan were ready to rumble. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them 
as they put on a wrestling match to rival anything available on pay-per-view. As I sorted and sifted through all the pictures, 
I couldn't help but focus on their facial expressions. Where do they learn this stuff? You're all familiar with "the stink-eye," 
but they've each come up with some heretofore unnamed looks that defy description (though I will try).

The dirty-nose double stinkeye

The aerodynamic gap-mouthed pinned-ears single stinkeye

The I'll-always-be-taller-than-you giraffe

The reverse giraffe with a twist

 The pucker-puss overbite

The one-eared look of righteous indignation

 The you're-not-worth-my-time tongue lashing

The I'm-willing-to-bite-my-tongue-off-to-win grimace

The half-giraffe pucker-puss overbite

The Taylor-Swift-I've-won-another-award-are-you-kidding-me.

The one-eyed jack

The flaring nostril of doom

The low man on the totem pole

The no-eared three feets to the wind

The can-you-hear-me-now Verizon Guy

The I've-got-your-ass covered stink-eye

The short guy's tangled-up pucker puss

My snotty nose is your snotty neck

The open-mouth air kiss

The sweet and innocent twisted pucker puss


  1. What a hoot! I *LOVE* George and Allen, and it's so evident that they love each other.

    Wish that had been a YouTube video; they would have probably gotten enough hits to be TV stars by now!

    Love hearing about your four-footed family (and the chickens) ans love the way you care for them. Makes my heart sing!


  2. this is no post, this is a film! hilarious and well commented!

  3. Oh Carson. This was and is worthy of a gold medal. Gold medal? With diamonds!!

  4. Wow, what a day for romping, stomping and just plain having fun.
    Wonderful shots!

    Best always,

  5. Anne Boleyn7/13/13, 5:56 AM

    Boys apparently just want to have fun too! It's clear that they are so happy to be together! :-)

  6. I just love those dudes! Great pictures!

  7. That is just too funny! I agree about the video! They would be movie stars!

  8. thanks for starting my day with howls of laughter. i showed this to my hubby... this is what our two dogs do, just like this, but yours are a lot bigger..

  9. I was smiling along with all of the pictures until I got to the Taylor Swift. It was perfection...along with your commentary. Thanks for the joyful start to the morning.

  10. Oh. My. God!!! This is frickin' hilarious! I imagine Lucy calmly chewing hay off in a corner, shaking her head! Those boys are masters at burlesque and you are the magnificent stage manager/camera genius!!

    Love it!!
    Nancy in Iowa

  11. This is why we come here. Just too cute. I like the one of George biting his tongue. What scamps they are.

  12. What great shots! Always makes my day!

  13. oh my gosh !!! I am laughing so hard my eyes are crying LOL that was a hoot...those boys should have their own comic strip or a TV show !!! Jeanne in SC

  14. This was awesome! Hilarious... They will get their own calendar if they keep that up!

  15. So funny! I wonder how long the whole episode actually took.