Friday, July 12, 2013

Be careful what you wish for

Lucy: Please remove my mask. I'm having a little trouble seeing through the mud.

Two storms moved through here on Wednesday. 
The one where the chickens went fishing left .38"of rain, then a few hours later we got another .59".
My rain gauge almost runneth over.

But now it's time for the rain to stop, just temporarily. I spoke to my hay farmer last night. 
His crop is finally ready, but he has to wait for a break in the monsoons. His plan is to cut on Monday, 
bale on Friday, and deliver and stack 360 beautiful bales in my hay barn next weekend. 
In a normal year, this all would have happened in early June, before the monsoon season started, 
but this is not a normal year. I'm trying not to think about the mess I'll be in if this cutting gets rained on.

So all of you who have been sending your kind thoughts, wishes, and prayers for rain to fall on New Mexico? Thank you! It worked!
I hate to be greedy, but now can I ask you to focus your energy on a dry spell? Seven days of no rain –
that's all we need so that we can stop worrying about our hay supply and get on with our lives.


  1. rain for a week...but the mud does look good.

  2. I wish 7 days of sun and clear sky on top of the hay fields of your farmer (so the rain can stay with you to grow your grass)

  3. Hoping the rains hold off so you can get things settled for the coming months.

    Mother Nature is playing so many tricks anymore that its not even funny.. UGH!

  4. Seven days of no rain would be pretty welcome over here in the east too!
    I hope you get your hay okay, although, from where I'm sitting, less than an inch of rain hardly sounds like enough to stop the process. :-)

  5. Got it~! No rain for a week!

  6. Magical thoughts for 7 days without rain, or big wind.
    I have hay down. Now we are looking for big storms this afternoon. It has been an odd summer. But, there has been enough rain here to avoid a complete wreck. Fingers and toes crossed for you and your hay.

  7. We'll take all the rain you can send our way in Texas! I'll be praying that any moisture over New Mexico will wait for a ride south to finally land. Good luck.

  8. Another Anony asking for the same.

    Pray the rain to South Texas, where it's desperately needed.

  9. Yes, what Anonymous said. Please let the rain fall in Texas and not NM (until the hay is in).

  10. Okey-doke, seven dry days it is. Don't start counting one until tomorrow though because it takes a little time to get the mojo going!

    Jo in MN

  11. Carol in N. Colorado7/12/13, 9:16 AM

    No rain, no storms but a good harvest of hay for the farmer. It seems strange how we pray for rain for the crops to grow and when it's time to harvest for no rain so the farmers can get into the fields.

  12. We have either been under a flood watch or warning here in NC everyday for over a month...I am so sick of this rain! I feel guilty when I hear of the drought out West...that is until I hear the next rumble of thunder!

  13. Praying for the weather to cooperate so the crop can be brought in. The light on George's ears in that last picture is phenomenal. He just glows.

  14. I'll take it at my house for a bit.