Friday, July 19, 2013

Johnny moves to a bigger apartment

On Sunday, I told you how Johnny never left the feed room during the day and I always knew where to find him.
When will I ever learn to not say stuff like that out loud?
On Wednesday afternoon, he decided he no longer liked the feed room, and I can't figure it out why. 
He acts like he's afraid of the place that he called home for three months. I'm thinking maybe a snake showed up and spooked him.

Anyway, he's moved into the hay barn.

For now, it's the purr-fect place for him.

He has something to do during the day besides sleep...

and I see many more photo opportunities in our future.

His food, water and bed are situated in this dog house.

Judging by the amount of rabbit poop on the hay barn floor, he will have plenty of company when I'm not around.

I've yet to figure out what will happen to this new arrangement when the hay barn is actually full of hay.
I'll worry about that once I've stopped worrying about whether the weather will cooperate so my hay farmer can cut the hay.

In the meantime, Johnny is dropping and rolling every chance he gets. 
I'm guessing this is one way he's marking his new territory...

...which is in close proximity to someone else's territory.


  1. Johnny's either marking or just being sassy up in Smooch's face!

  2. So good to see him out and about!!

  3. i love the smell of my cat when she's been sleeping in the hay loft.

    i've been worrying about your weather too.

  4. Johnny looks happier. He seems to have found his space, to adapt to the dimenssion of his new territory. I would say that for a cat we need to think in terms of territory. The feed room territory means he is the food of the herd. In the barn the territory is bigger, freer, neutral, further from the herd dangers (in cat's thought. I would say he may need a special place there that he could call his own even when the barn is full

  5. My interpretation:
    Pix 6: he is telling you: dont you see this is a better place?
    Pix 7: he is thanking you
    pix 9: he is showing he is happy and can enjoy the place in a relaxed manner
    ix 10: he is marking his territory,serious business

  6. I luv a cat that does it job eh! Keeping the rodents down and irritating the dog ;p

  7. The presence of rabbits may explain a lot, including the coyote.

  8. Do you spose this is preparing for wintertime for Johnny? So you got Johnny to get rid of the packrats, now what do you get to get rid of the snake?

    Jo in MN

  9. In the one photo it looks like Mr. Johnny is telling you a story and talking to you. I love it when cats do chat is what Mr. Ry calls it. Ry and Sunny have a cat chat every morning...sometimes to the enth degree.
    Love your Ranch Cat....he's a beaut. Oma Linda

  10. Expanding his kingdom. Will adapt when the hay arrives. Nothing if not adaptable :)

  11. Our barn kitties adored the hay. I would always find them there. In the winter, they would create a nifty hidey hole and stay warm, other times the hay gave them a great vantage point to view the world.
    Love your pictures... and commentary!

  12. I think I would prefer the hay barn to the feed room if I were a cat. Hope everybody can just get along.

  13. Good for him. And actually, it might be very good for you, because you now could use the feed room to acclimatize another "outside" cat. Doesn't he need a friend :-)

    Love your blog, it's my favorite!

    (multi horse and one-cat owning reader)

  14. Hmm, perhaps his work in the feed room is done so he needed to expand his territory? Time to clean out the next area. He takes his work very seriously, I would say.

  15. Since the cat flap was taped open I wonder if something stuck their head in or wandered in like you mentioned. He has room in the hay barn to get up high which cats like. I used to live in Virginia with red clay soil. My cats would roll in the dirt to coat their skin and keep fleas away. it really did work too. Is it possible to make some hidey holes up high when you stack the new hay? I know some houses are made with hay bales in the walls to insulate so I'm guessing it would be warm. Love all the news at the 7MSN.

  16. Don't you think JCC and Smooch would get along? Smooch is used to being around cats, isn't she?

  17. .......well we're moving on a delux apartment in the sky..... Maybe we should call him George instead :-)

  18. Johnny is so handsome! Glad he's enjoying his new digs.

  19. Our smallest cat does that very sassy thing to my German Shepherd outside our fence. My GSD can from time to time jump said fence and has surprised the kitty a time or two. But Squeaky Thomas (cat's name) is quicker, smaller and more camouflaged than 90lb GSD so all is well. I know she does it on purpose :P

  20. What a handsome boy he is! I think he's adjusted now and is claiming HIS territory!

  21. Sure looks like both Smooch and Johnny "auto-desensitized", no?! ;) I love how Johnny is talking to you, and I can *see* him purring!