Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Better than a blue clear sky

Can you handle a few more steel-stormcloud-blue sky photos? 

Good. Because I have a few more to share.

Lucy: I love the way this light accentuates my dapples.

Me: Hey, guys, could you take your wrestling match a few feet west? 
I'm trying to keep that mountain centered in the background.

Alan: How's this?
Me: A little too far. Go back to your left about 10 feet.

Alan: Better?
Me: It will be as soon as George comes back down to earth.

Alan: I'm not sure I can hold this position much longer. My neck is getting a little stiff.
Me: That's ok. You look too posed anyway. Go on about your business and I'll try to keep up.

George: Oh, how I love the smell of rain in the air.

Alan: Nobody's interested in your running commentary.


  1. WHAT SKY??? LOL LOL all I see is two fantastic donkey's... wait, I went back and there IS sky in the pics and it is beautiful.

  2. You guys are too funny...The sky looks wonderful when there are no trees to hide it...Hope you have a good rain..Your green yard looks great..
    We have trees and weeds growing all over our yard...LOTS of rain to be had in the new rain forest of NC..LOL
    Love from NC

  3. Never get tired of those skies, mountains and the two crazy kids!

  4. Your photos are amazing. They almost feel 3D. You have to share your secret with me!

  5. I was trying to focus on the sky, too. Hard to do. It is a pretty blue and full of rain, I hope.

  6. That Alan has the cutest face on earth!

  7. colourwise love the one with Lucy for these greens and this blue and then the beautiful grey with dapples

  8. Oh my. Would you add the first picture to the " For You" tab? Thank you.