Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wishing and hoping

For the first time in 60 days, there was an honest to goodness chance of rain here on Friday.

The early evening sky looked so promising.

I rubbed Lucy's ears for luck and did several "dance like nobody's watching" rain dances in the corral,
but it didn't do a bit of good. Not a single stinkin' drop fell on our patch of New Mexico.

This is the official NM weather-nerd map for the 24-hour period ending Saturday morning. 
My weather station is that white circle just to the left of the N in New. 
At least most other parts of the state got wet. Maybe it will be our turn next time.

A few tenths of an inch is all it will take to make the pasture happy.

At least I don't have to worry about Lucy and the boys getting fat on lush green grass.

Wide-eyed optimism is a key to surviving life in the desert southwest during a drought.


  1. I wish I could send some of Wisconsin's rain surplus down your way. Everything is green and lush, and we have had something bizarre like over 10 plus inches since April 1. Sigh. At least our drought is over but I just want to get my garden plowed and in.

  2. I sure wish I could share with you some of the rain we've had lately, but this all will come to a screaming halt here shortly and everything will dry up. Typical east TN mountain spring/summer.

  3. Same here in Montana. It's supposed to get to upper 80's today. No rain. But a chance for lightning.
    I love the sky in your photos almost as much as I love the long ears.

  4. and some more we're having here in France! time to create rain-catchers!

  5. I woke up disappointed this morning in the PNW as we were promised rain last night. Didn't deliver. We need it as we're way below normal. Now they say maybe by 1pm. I won't hold my breath on it :(

  6. Oh, I know that feeling so well. It is so disheartening to see the clouds coming... part their ways, and go on either side of us. I think how awful it must have been/must be for the farmers.

  7. Nothing worse than drought. I hope you get a break soon.

  8. There were wonderfully promising clouds here in Burque. Even some thunder boomers. Maybe, maybe there were four or five droplets. Sure did smell good though. The plants were fooled too. I never knew it was the plants that release the smell not the rain itself until recently. Funny huh?
    Hey Happy Mother's day to the best Donkey, Horse, Dog, Cat, and other critter's nurturing human ever. xoxo Oma Linda

  9. Secretariat finished out his golden years eating all the limestone enriched Kentucky grass he could handle. As I told our contractor last week after another water pipe replacement. This limestone we are standing on is much better for horses than for plumbing. And we have had more than our fill of rain lately. Too wet to plant the front flower bed today. Traditional Mother's Day activity around here.

    Your herd is so well adapted to your place though, and Cashcats know where you keep the good stuff.

  10. What about Johnny and June? How are they faring? Still afraid to come out, poor babies....

  11. I think I can tell which direction your camera was pointed by looking at the map. Even with no rain, you got some great pictures.

  12. I can only imagine when it does rain, that you and the herd will be out dancing in the rain.