Monday, May 13, 2013

The boys have issues with my open-door policy

One night last week when I went outside to tuck in the herd, Johnny CashCat emerged from the feed room and took a tour of the barn and general vicinity. I was shocked, amazed and thoroughly delighted. The herd was nowhere in sight, and I think Johnny saw it as a safe opportunity to explore. I was wearing my headlight, so it was easy to follow him around. I didn't have my camera to document the momentous occasion, but it looked alot like this:

Johnny kept his eyes on me and I kept my headlight on him. After 15 minutes or so, he went back through the cat door and called it a night. It's hard to know whether he's been on the prowl since then. He gifted me with a fresh pile of entrails one morning last week, so there's a possibility that he's been out hunting. During the day, though, he seems very content hanging out in the feed room with June.

I don't think he's afraid of Lucy and the boys, but he's not very confident when they're around. 
I thought it might be helpful if he could watch them from a distance and get used to their comings and goings, 
so yesterday I parked my chair at the open feed room door and let him observe.

What he saw was a hungry mob willing to do anything to get past me and steal some hay off the floor.

George: How can we grab a snack if you're blocking the door?

Alan: This has lost cause written all over it. I'm outta here.

George: Come on, mom, be a sport.

Me: Forget it. You're not coming in here. 

George: It will only take a second. I'll get some hay, the cat can experience my cuteness up close – it's a win-win.

George: Geez...and they call me stubborn.

As I went back to the house, the boys were trying to convince Johnny to slip them some hay through the cat door.


  1. delightful and funny! You are a crack! I really think you could write a book. one comment on the first pix, it ought to have 2 others little circles for Johnny's eyes!

  2. I've got my money on June as the eviscerator.

  3. Wow, a gift of entrails...I bet you feel so special. I love the "photo" of the glowing eyes watching you back. Fun stuff Ms. Linda. You are a whoot.
    Look at those faces, they just wanted to make you were right to block the door. But they sure are cute.And Johnny Cash Cat is too. Oma Linda and the cuckettes

  4. Johnny seems to be thinking, "They're trying to eat my couch!" He also might believe that keeping the feed room vermin free is the job he was hired to do. Expecting one cat (and one cat recluse) to keep the whole ranch vermin free is just too much!

  5. Love the picture(s) of Johnny. Glad to hear that he's been out exploring. Give those sweet boys some hay!

  6. LOL I wonder if they convinced him :-)

  7. Doesn't matter what the pet, they will obsess over food!

  8. Yeah welcome to the banner Johnny and June!

  9. How funny~ And, how cute! Looks like he's made himself right at home.

  10. Just too cute! Cheers for Johnny and huge hugs to George! Love that boy!

  11. I have a feeling they'll all be in cahoots before long.